868.01/356: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 11. After mentioning high esteem in which Greece is held by her Allies and quoting tribute from commander of British forces in the Middle East26 with whom the Greek Army is serving broadcast reminds people that national unity is essential to success of struggle and must be preserved until the day of liberation when people “will be invited to decide by popular and free vote the institutions with which Greece must endow herself in sympathy with forward march of democracy”.

Address continues with declaration that “as soon as security of country is complete and necessities of military operations allow free and general elections for a constituent assembly will be held and will take place within 6 months as Government has decided. I am confident that no Greek and least of all myself will fail to respect decision of constitutional assembly.”

Address continues: until nation has expressed its sovereign will constitution of 1911 will be maintained in all provisions and when seat of government can be transferred to Greek soil present members will resign as Prime Minister has announced in order that fully representative government can be formed to guarantee freedom and order lines of these elections.

Speech concludes with call to people to dedicate themselves to cause of victory.

  1. Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson.