868.01/355: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (Kirk)23 to the Secretary of State

10. King of Greece will broadcast important declaration to Greek people from Cairo, Egypt at 1630 Greenwich time tomorrow July 4th. Prime Minister has emphasized to me importance of this broadcast and while at request of Greek authorities OWI24 is arranging widest possible American publicity both in English and Greek press, Mr. Tsouderos also indicated that any supporting comment the Department might see fit to make in regard to it would be appreciated.

Brief summary of address which is not to be released for publication prior to delivery follows in my 11, July 3, 7 p.m.25

  1. Alexander C. Kirk presented his credentials as Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile at Cairo on June 15, 1943, which office he held in addition to that of Minister to Egypt.
  2. Office of War Information.
  3. Infra.