File No. 812.00/14346.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Brazilian Minister to Mexico .


443. Your 303, February 3, 5 p.m. Department thinks it important in the matter of withdrawal that unanimity should prevail [Page 652] among the entire Diplomatic Corps now in Mexico City as far as possible. It is assumed that you will receive suitable instructions as to the course you should pursue from your Government, but you may say to Silliman and to all American employees of your Legation that they may consider themselves at liberty to withdraw from Mexico City whenever a majority of the Diplomatic Corps, including yourself, deems it advisable to withdraw. In case of sudden departure of Diplomatic Corps, you may ship archives to Consulate at Vera Cruz, if possible; otherwise, make such disposition as in your judgment may be deemed most appropriate. It is earnestly hoped that representations which have been made to General Carranza at Vera Cruz will make withdrawal unnecessary.

Robert Lansing.