File No. 812.00/14346.

The Acting Secretary of State to Consul Canada .


Department advised by Brazilian Minister at Mexico City that Carranza has changed capital to Vera Cruz expecting the transfer to that city of the Diplomatic Corps, whose existence he finds embarrassing and feigns to ignore in his communications. You will discretely represent to General Carranza that this Government deprecates his action, which the Department is advised by reliable sources is creating a most unfortunate impression abroad. Foreign governments are forced to the conclusion that the Carranza Government is acting without deliberation or regard for the established conventionalitities of international intercourse. Perhaps the most harmful impression abroad is that of doubt as to the ability of General Carranza to maintain himself at the capital of Mexico although he represents himself as its provisional constitutional president. If this action on the part of Carranza should result in the withdrawal from the Republic of the diplomatic representatives of foreign governments a situation will be produced the grave result of which it is believed Carranza has not duly estimated.