File No. 882.00/496.

The Acting Secretary of State to the President.

Sir: I beg to enclose a copy of a telegram which we have just received from Monrovia, in which the Liberian Government appeals to the Government of the United States to send a war vessel immediately to lend moral support in relieving the present situation. The American Military Attaché and the General Receiver of Customs in Liberia join with our Legation in urging compliance with this request of the Liberian Government.

A few days ago we received a cable from Mr. Morgenthau in Constantinople requesting that the U. S. S. Chester be withdrawn from Turkish waters. The Navy Department advises me that in these circumstances it will be practicable and entirely convenient for the Chester to be despatched immediately to Liberia. I am personally inclined to recommend that the Chester be ordered to Liberian waters, but I should be grateful if you kindly indicate whether you approve of this course before a formal request is made of the Navy Department.

With assurances [etc.]

Frank L. Polk.