File No. 882.00/496.

Chargé Bundy to the Secretary of State.


Kru tribes, Sinoe County coast, in rebellion against Government. Port of Sinoe in state of siege. Customs under fire. All trade and mails stopped. Three customs officials reported killed. Lives of foreign residents including white American missionaries endangered. British Bank asks protection funds. Disaffection all coast Krus imminent unless present uprising immediately suppressed. Militia defending Sinoe must be relieved. Frontier Force total six hundred men inadequate and mostly stationed strategic points boundaries. Of these not over two hundred men can be concentrated in three weeks at Monrovia. No transport to Sinoe. Frontier Force equipped. German guns. Ammunition insufficient for campaign. Liverpool exporters have notified Liberian customers that British Government has forbidden shipment any cargo to Liberia and that all sailings have been canceled. Intervention is feared resulting in subversion of American programme. In view all foregoing, situation regarded most critical. Liberian Government appeals to Legation to request the Government of the United States to send war vessel immediately to lend moral support in relieving situation. Military Attaché and General Receiver join Legation in urging compliance with this request if any way possible. Doubt reliability cable service. Acknowledgment necessary.