File No. 893.01/42.

Minister Reinsch to the Secretary of State.


I am informed that yesterday afternoon Japanese Chargé d’ Affaires, together with British and Russian Ministers, called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and individually stated to him that by way of friendly counsel their Governments desired to suggest the advisability of stopping the movement for a change in the form of government, in order that disturbances might be avoided. * * *

The Chinese maintain that an attempt to stop the movement now, when the elections are already in progress, would be the surest way to bring about confusion and disorder; there being no opposition, they believe that they have the situation well in hand and that there is no reasonable ground for expecting internal disturbances.

Referendum is proceeding and the monarchy will in all probability be established in a few months. I still perceive no reason to apprehend serious opposition or danger to foreign interests in China, unless artificially induced by outside influences.