File No. 839.00/1670.

Minister Sullivan to the Secretary of State.


Answering your February 2, 5 p.m. President Jiménes accepts your advice as to plan of campaign against an insurrection in Puerto Plata. Equipment of forces begins at once. President Jiménes states that the Dominican Government cannot entertain proposal from the insurrectionary leaders to turn over government to a commission on condition that Feliu and Pegero receive salaries for time when both were in rebellion against Bordas Government. Aside from the humiliation of the proposal to disregard the existing Government the insurrectionary leaders would set aside the rule laid down by the Department, namely: No money for revolutionists. Please give the instructions for the allowance necessary to equip expedition as initial expenses will be several thousand dollars. Dominican Government asks that American Government instruct commander of gunboat at Puerto Plata according to terms of your February 2, 5 p.m. I believe plan proposed by you meets the situation.