File No. 839.00/1668.

The Secretary of State to Minister Sullivan.


Answering your February 1, 11 a.m. Agree with you that it is necessary to let insurrectionists know at the very beginning that this Government will support Jiménes and furnish all the force necessary to enable him to maintain order and administer the Government. It is advisable, however, that Santo Domingo officials make the demand, so that our force will support Government, rather than take the initiative. Indications as you report them point to the beginning of another revolution unless immediate action is taken. Please advise Jiménes as follows and report his views with your own recommendations:

As at present informed, we advise that President Jiménes send immediately as many soldiers as his vessels will transport to Puerto Plata. Dominican Minister estimates this number at six hundred and fifty. Have troops land at convenient distance, then have commander of American ship accompany Jiménes’s representative when he makes demand for surrender of the offices, American commander to notify the insurgent officials that this Government will support President Jiménes with any force necessary to suppress insurrection. If this does not compel surrender of offices, consult President Jiménes and advise us as to further requirements. We deem it unwise to authorize the thirty thousand dollars and one thousand dollars per day as requested, but will make allowance necessary for proposed expedition and decide on further allowance if above suggestion, when carried out, does not end insurrection.