File No. 839.00/1660a.

The Secretary of State to Minister Sullivan.


You may say to President Jiménes that this Government will support him to the fullest extent in the suppression of any insurrection against his Government. The election having been held and a Government chosen by the people having been established, no more revolutions will be permitted. You may notify both Horacio Vásquez and Arias that they will be held personally responsible if they attempt to embarrass the Government. The people of Santo Domingo will be given an opportunity to develop the resources of their country in peace. Their revenues will no longer be absorbed by graft or wasted in insurrections. This Government meant what it said when it sent a commission there with a proposal looking to permanent peace and it will live up to the promises it has made. Reasonable [Page 280] delay in carrying out the proposed reforms is not objectionable but the changes advised are the reforms necessary for the honest and efficient administration of the Government and the early and proper development of the country. There should be no unnecessary delay therefore in putting them into operation. Keep us advised. A naval force will be sent whenever necessary.