File No. 711.21/315.

Chargé Harrison to the Secretary of State.

No. 136.]

Sir: Referring to jour telegram of the sixth [fifth] instant quoting to me your letter of that date [of March 4] to Minister Betancourt in explanation of the delay which has occurred in the consideration of the Treaty of April 6 last, I have the honor to report that in conformity with your instructions a copy thereof was delivered to the Minister for Foreign Affairs on Monday the 8th.

Dr. Suárez was much pleased and expressed his appreciation and thanks for your kind attention, of which he would hasten to inform the President.

On the 10th the Minister gave the contents of your letter to the editor of the “Nuevo Tiempo,” in which it was published on the 11th.

This caused a most favorable impression as the people were without definite news of the treaty and great anxiety was felt as to its fate in the Senate. While regret was expressed that a special session would not be called, the intentions of the President and yourself and the fact that Colombia could count upon your every effort to obtain favorable action by the Senate, was very satisfactory.

I have [etc.]

Leland Harrison.