File No. 819.1052/52.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.

No. 647.]

Sir: Relating to the matter of the carrying of concealed deadly weapons in Panama, adverted to in another despatch of this date, I have the honor to enclose copies of letters passing between Brigadier General C. R. Edwards, military commander of the Canal Zone, and Señor Julio Arjona Q., the Mayor of Panama, regarding regulations with reference to this matter.

I have [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price.
[Inclosure 1.]

The Mayor of Panama to General Edwards.

My dear friend: In accordance with a memorandum that was put into my hands by my friend Capt. Coleman, who had been talking to Señor Estripeaut, Chief of Police, I now, as before, reiterate to you and your agent. I have newly given orders for the terminating of carrying arms by people visiting Cocoa Grove. The licenses that have been given by the Alcalde to carry weapons such as revolvers, have been given in favor of owners of establishments who are of high standing in the cited district.

He has also given permission to some politicians, such as Dr. Mendoza, Dr. Filos, Dr. Agustin Argote, Mr. Turner, and to some other persons in exceptional cases, and moreover some of these parties are in the service of the Government. I wish to call your attention to the fact that I am an impartial Mayor. Some people, in all parts of the world, carry arms with malicious intent. Never have I given nor never will I give permission to carry arms of any description, since I am of the opinion that these elements are a menace to society. To carry razors, knives or daggers is not a practice in this District, nor have I given permission during my administration for the carrying of such weapons.

Your letter to me to establish greater vigilance in this respect, and which has been said before, the Chief of Police has offered to redouble the vigilance to help me remedy these points.

With relation to the stationing of the military police in the district of Cocoa Grove, the suffering humanity will continue unless a better assignment of the patrols can be made, which I cited to Captain Coleman yesterday, and if we can agree upon a place to lodge the patrols, to be paid for by the Panaman Government, the patrols will be more efficient in the district of Cocoa Grove, and more in harmony with the police of Santa Ana, established for service in the same district. The desired results will be obtained which we all wish, and which will prevent disturbances that might bring lamentable consequences.

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God grant, dear General, that these things will contribute to a better understanding between the authorities of the United States, the Canal Zone and the Panamans, which has always been my earnest desire in the execution of my office as Mayor of the District of Panama.

I reiterate [etc.]

Julio Arjona Q.
[Inclosure 2—Translation.]

The Mayor of Panama to the Chief of Police.

Greetings: Reiterating my previous statements relative to the registration and confiscation of arms, without any consideration of class, of the inhabitants of Cocoa Grove, I add that the same applies to the police not in uniform, and to ail others in the said district not in the service. You know that the Mayor has given certain individuals, owners of highly respectable establishments, permission to carry revolvers in order to protect their places from scandal. The same has been granted to some few responsible persons, such as politicians, not a menace to society. The Alcalde has never given permission to carry revolvers to persons who are known bad characters nor has permission ever been granted to carry razors, daggers or knives; this appears on the books of the township.

You will take the necessary action through your agents to confiscate the above-mentioned arms in order to prevent scandal and lamentable consequences. I trust in the zeal and fidelity with which you have always distinguished yourself in the exercise of your delicate duties.

With my expression of very deep appreciation,

I am [etc.]

Julio Arjona Q.
[Inclosure 3.]

General Edwards to the Mayor of Panama.

My dear Alcalde: I received with pleasure your communication of the 4th instant. I have always been of the opinion that the carrying of concealed weapons is a detriment to the peace of society. Exceptions should rarely be made. I am glad to find that our views coincide.

With my sincere good wishes and trusting peaceable conditions may continue to prevail,

I am [etc.]

C. R. Edwards.