File No. 319.1123L25/5.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.

No. 480.]

Sir: Supplementing my despatch No. 475 of April 16, 1915, regarding the Colon mêlée of April 2, I have the honor to enclose a [Page 1199] copy of an additional report on the affair made by Capt. H. D. Mitchell, Chief of the Canal Zone Police, to Gov. Goethals, under date of the 20th of this month.

The investigations both by Panama and our military authorities, at which respectively a representative of the other is present, have not yet been concluded. The valuable work of the Canal Zone Police through their detective and policeman branches will continue also.

I have [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price.

Chief of Police Mitchell to the Governor of Panama Canal Zone.

memorandum for the governor.

With reference to the riot in Colon on April 2, 1915, I have to advise that of the two Panaman police officers who were in rear of the building at the southeast corner of Broadway and Hudson Alley during the riot between the soldiers and police, it is admitted by Governor Arcia of Colon and regarded as an established fact that one of the officers who were firing at the soldiers on the train was sub-lieutenant No. 3, who has been under arrest since that date. He answers the description of the policeman who shot Private Deloughery. The identity of the officer who was with him at the time ,and who was also firing at the soldiers, has not as yet been learned.

From their position while in rear of the building they could not have fired the shot which killed Corporal Langdon. It has developed, however, that there were at least two policemen firing on Corporal Langdon’s squad from behind a building located near the northeast corner of Broadway and Hudson Alley, but due to the fact that but one man exposed himself at a time in firing upon them, the members of the patrol were under the impression that but one policeman was shooting from that point. I have received confidential information to the effect that Miguel Navas, No. 1, was the officer who fired the shot that resulted in the death of Corporal Langdon.

Vigilante G. Gordon is said to have been on Broadway at the time of the riot, and to have positive knowledge as to the identity of the policemen who were at the location from which the shot, which killed Langdon, was fired. It has also been reported that Navas was armed with a 32–caliber automatic revolver.

In the statement made to Lieut. Callaway of the Canal Zone Police on April 3 by Inez Mose, brown Barbadian, female, 16 years of age, living in Colon on 9th and Cash Streets, and employed by a Mrs. Holderman as a servant, in concrete house No. 63, she states that Navas fired three shots at soldiers at the corner of 10th and Cash Streets, striking one soldier in the arm, a second in the chest and a third in the ear; but two soldiers, however, were shot at this place. Investigation is being continued in an effort to learn the identity of the officers who did the shooting.

H. D. Mitchell.