File No. 817.812/125.

Minister Jefferson to the Secretary of State.

No. 153.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department’s telegram of March 6, transmitting a copy of the letter sent to General Chamorro, Minister of Nicaragua at Washington, expressing the deep regret felt by the President and the Secretary of State at the delay which has occurred in the ratification of the canal treaty with Nicaragua and expressing confidence that the treaty will be ratified at the next session of Congress.

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In reply I have the honor to report that I have communicated this telegram to the Foreign Office, as directed in the instructions, and also to President Díaz, from whom I have received the following reply, which I have the honor to incorporate with this despatch:

correspondence particular del presidente de la república,
Managua, March 8, 1915.

My dear mr. Jefferson: I thank you so much for your kind letter enclosing the important cablegram from Mr. Bryan, which I have read with the utmost interest.

I realize the great and continual efforts made by President Wilson and Secretary Bryan on the passing of the canal convention, and you can assure both that, duly appreciating their friendly and strenuous work, and the circumstances mentioned by Secretary Bryan in his despatch to the Legation above referred to, the people and Government of Nicaragua will wait patiently and confidently till the meeting of the next Congress, for the final and satisfactory solution of this question, in accordance with the advices and assurances of Secretary Bryan.

At the same time, it is really gratifying to me to extend these cordial appreciations to yourself who diligently acting in a praiseworthy manner, in faithful harmony with the good intentions of President Wilson and of Secretary Bryan, have proved to be as excellent a friend of Nicaragua as the Chief Executive and the Secretary of State of the United States.

Please accept, dear Dr. Jefferson, the tokens of my highest and most distinguished consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Adolfo Díaz,

I have [etc.]

Benjamin L. Jefferson.