File No. 817.812/120.

The Minister of Nicaragua to the Secretary of State.


Excellency: I have the honor to reply to the esteemed note3 of your excellency, dated the 4th instant, and to inform you that I have with the most interested attention apprised myself of its contents, which I have in clue form transcribed to my Government.

There pertains to me the duty of informing your excellency that the Government and the people of Nicaragua regret that the canal treaty pending between the United States and Nicaragua was not submitted for the deliberation of the Senate in its session just closed. Relying on the opinion of President Wilson and of your excellency, that the treaty may count upon more than a two-thirds vote in its favor, they have no doubt that the Senate will ratify the treaty in its next session; and it has been a satisfaction to know that the real cause of the delay has been due only to the accumulation of work in the Senate and the expedience of not calling an extra session of Congress.

For my own part I can assure your excellency that I personally feel the same confidence, founded principally upon the expressions of your excellency in your note of March 4th, last, above referred to.

I take [etc.]

Emiliano Chamorro.
  1. Embodied in the telegram of March 6 to Mr. Jefferson.