File No. 312.51/118.

The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: The French Boleo Company has just informed me by wire that General Carranza’s troops that entered Santa [Page 1062]Rosalía, Lower California, demand that the steamer Korrigan III be turned over to them for use in their military operations. The company adds that its boat Korrigan II, seized since January by the same faction, has not yet been returned to it and that the company cannot carry on its business without the two boats.

I have, therefore, the honor to apply most urgently for your excellency’s good offices and to ask that you kindly use your influence with General Carranza with a view to obtaining that the Korrigan III be left at the disposal of the Boleo Company and that the other boat, which was taken from it without any right whatever, be returned to it. As your excellency will admit, these are serious matters likely to be attended with grave consequences.

Be pleased [etc.]