File No. 812.00/14686a.

The Secretary of State to Special Agent Silliman.


We are informed that a situation has arisen on the border near Agua Prieta, which is likely to spread to Naco and Nogales, and which menaces the lives of Americans across the line. The agreement made January 11 between General Carranza represented by General Calles, and General Villa represented by Governor Maytorena, has been effective thus far, much to the relief of Americans in that section. We are sure that General Carranza and General Villa are earnestly desirous of having the terms of the agreement fully and completely enforced and we are therefore sending this identic note to the two generals that they may immediately give the necessary orders for the prevention of hostilities at the border.

You will please bring the matter to the attention of General Carranza at once and thus make it unnecessary for the American authorities to take any steps for the protection of American life and property on the American side of the border.