File No. 812.00/14351.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to refer again to my note of February 1, relative to the occupation of Naco, Sonora, by forces of Maytorena, and, pursuant to instructions I have received from my Government, I beg to bring the following facts to your excellency’s attention:

It is now officially confirmed that the port of Naco, Sonora, has been occupied by Maytorena and his forces, thus violating the agreement which, in consideration of the good offices of General Scott, was entered into between General Hill,61 commanding our forces, and Maytorena.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the agreement state:

Governor Maytorena and General Hill hereby solemnly agree not to occupy in any way or manner the port of Naco, Sonora, which shall remain neutral and closed to traffic and commerce, as well as its custom house, until such a time as the same may be taken possession of by a constituted government of Mexico and recognized at least by the United States, or in the case that one of the factions at war in that State completely and substantially overpowers the other.

I also beg to bring to your excellency’s attention that the Southern Pacific Company, in Mexico, continues to meddle in our political [Page 793] affairs, notwithstanding the fact that the employees of the above-mentioned company have been warned by us that their attitude is imprudent, especially so because Mr. Crown, an employee of the company, has taken active participation in the occupation of Naco by Maytorena’s forces.

In the belief that your excellency will have the kindness to take cognizance of the above facts, for such purposes as the same may suggest,

I avail myself [etc.]

E. Arredondo.
  1. In the text as received by the Department in the copy certified by General Scott (see ante) and in subsequent correspondence (see post) it is not Hill but Calles who signed with Maytorena. But see the telegram of January 2.