File No. 812.00/14249.

The Confidential Agent of the Constitutionalist Government of Mexico to the Secretary of State.

My dear Mr. Bryan: It affords me pleasure to include hereinafter copy of a telegram received from General Elias Calles, who commands the Constitutional troops which recently evacuated Naco, Sonora:

Agreements entered into with Maytorena, due to friendly and impartial cooperation of General Scott, practically ended. My column evacuated Naco arriving here yesterday without trouble. I consider that the sacrifice we made by giving up Naco, which we were able to defend for three months, is a good proof of our wish to avoid difficulties with the United States Government, which has pursued an equitable and judicious policy. In our interchange with General Scott I found him gentlemanly and impartial. I beg you to express my gratitude to him for his mediation and the trouble he had to go through on this account. Regards.

General P. Elias Calles,
Governor and Military Commander of Sonora.

I beg your excellency to convey to General Scott the appreciation of General Elias Calles as well as mine for his invaluable good offices regarding the Naco incident, and to accept for yourself the testimony of my recognition that the happy outcome of this delicate matter is in no lesser degree due to your excellency’s prudent and benevolent guidance.

With assurance [etc.]

E. Arredondo.