File No. 812.00/14218.

The Brazilian Minister to Mexico to the Secretary of State.


290. Your December 26, 8 p.m. 375.60 Acting Secretary of Foreign Relations has just addressed me the following note:

Mr. Minister: The Government emanated from the Convention, in its constant desire to dictate all measures tending not only to the establishment of public order but to the safety and guaranty of national and foreign interests and with a view to avoid any international incidents, has ordered the withdrawal of the forces of the Convention which were attacking Naco. The Government, being besides agreeable, in order to avoid trouble, to accept the proposals contained in your excellency’s note dated the 23rd ultimo, taking the liberty to modify partially the third clause of the agreement in such a way that without jeopardizing the end which above [sic] without prejudice to the Government of the Convention to move its custom house in accordance with existing regulations. Therefore the forces under the orders of Messrs. Hill and Calles, who are now in possession of the town of Naco, should proceed to its evacuation, to which end this Government will allow them to get out without hostilizing them.

I entreat your excellency to bring the above to the knowledge of Secretary Bryan who has been pleased to mediate in this matter and also to inform him that when this Government shall have knowledge that Mr. Carranza accepts the proposed modification to said third clause my Government will issue the necessary orders to whom it may concern. [As] it is desired that military operations be not interfered with, said clause will now remain in the following terms:

To avoid trouble and damage to foreigners, both parties hereby agree not to attack their adversaries in the zone parallel to the frontier in such a manner that the shots fired might cross the line, Naco in the meantime remaining neutral for both belligerents and closed to all traffic and exterior commerce, the custom house being provisionally closed, to be reopened when any of the belligerents shall have attained a definite control [Page 791] over all that region or when there is a government in existence recognized by the United States.

All of the [omission in transmission] so that the agreement may be signed.

I avail [etc.]

José Ortiz Rodriguez.

Cardoso de Oliveira.