File No. 312.52/106.

Ambassador Willard to the Secretary of State.


Your telegram January 5 just received. At the diplomatic dinner last night the King called me aside and said he had received [Page 786] several telegrams from Chihuahua addressed to him personally in regard to the killing of two Spanish subjects and other outrages committed by revolutionists. He requested me to again urge my Government to take energetic measures looking to the protection of his subjects. He said that he understood that the action of the revolutionists was probably in part the result of Huerta’s attitude toward the Spaniards, especially Huerta’s having invited the officers of Spanish war vessel Carlos V, to visit Mexico City as his guests. He concluded by advising me that he was informed that at the time of the killing of the two Spaniards referred to two Japanese were killed. The King asked me to inform you immediately as he felt after a short delay he should tell the Japanese Minister here.