File No. 312.52/102.

The Acting Secretary of State to Consul Hostetter.109


American Embassy, Madrid, reports receipt of most urgent request from Foreign Office for extension of American protection to Spanish subjects in Mexico, particularly at Parral, where it is said they are being expelled, their movable property plundered and their immovable property confiscated. Foreign Office fears that the repetition of such acts, before committed at Chihuahua, means their extension to all parts of Mexico controlled by revolutionists.

Extend all possible and proper protection to Spanish subjects in Parral and elsewhere in your district. Unofficially represent to the Constitutionalist leaders the inevitable effect upon public sentiment of the continuance of acts such as those complained of and the complications they are likely to produce. Report result of representations and any obtainable information regarding treatment of Spaniards in Parral.

  1. Mutatis mutandis to American Consul, Chihuahua.