File No. 703.3212/22.

The Brazilian Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: I had the honor to receive your excellency’s very kind letter dated the 18th of August last, enclosing copy of a telegram from Consul General Hanna at Monterey, dated August 15, and transmitting another in which Consul Silliman declares that “to the Brazilian Minister solely is due the preparation of the document which was signed this afternoon terminating the civil war in Mexico.” To this information Consul General Hanna adds his own testimony to the “help and strength the Brazilian Minister has been to our Consuls in Mexico.”

Complying with much pleasure with the desire of your excellency, I hastened to transmit to my Government by telegraph this gratifying appreciation of the manner in which Minister Cardoso de Oliveira has fulfilled his functions as representative of the interests of the United States at such a difficult time and also the thanks of your excellency “for the excellent work performed by the Brazilian Minister at Mexico City in behalf of Americans and their property during the trying times that American interests have been in his efficient hands.”

Glad to see officially recognized by the Government of the United States the zeal and ability with which our Minister in Mexico has complied with so honorable and at the same time so arduous a mission, I take this occasion to repeat [etc.]

D. da Gama