Mr. Terrell to Mr. Gresham.


I had three hours, audience with the Sultan last night. I presented your instructions in telegram of 15th. Expressed my opinion on great popular excitement in America. He evaded direct answer.

He said that he had appealed to America as a friendly neutral power and was refused; then after he had applied to European powers President made new propositions which he had refused to the other great powers. Expressed embarrassment and desired appeal to President’s sentiments of justice and friendship. The Sultan asked that the chief of the Commercial College here, who will be sent from America by the President, serve as one of Turkish commissioners. I have declined to [Page 723] entertain the proposition and terminated in Sultan’s request for me to wait his conference with council of ministers, and promised an early answer. Grand vizier and minister of foreign affairs to-day requested a joint interview at Sublime Porte. It closed with the earnest request of the Turkish Government that the United States will appreciate the present great embarrassment of the Turkish Government and that the President will withdraw his demand for Jewett’s appointment. Turkish minister at Washington, D. C., telegraphed that the United States would regard refusal as an insult. They urge that if Jewett goes, Italy will then be demanding independent commissioner, and then Germany; that full investigation will be made by English, Russian, and French commissioners already appointed, acquiesced in by other powers, and the appointment of another commissioner will complicate relations of the Turkish Government with European powers. The request is respectful but earnest, based on cordial relations which Turkish Government desires to continue. The embarrassment is real and not simulated. I know Russian ambassador objects to an American, and Jewett’s appointment would, I believe, provoke similar demands from parties to the triple alliance. Report in English press that suggested American commissioner to Sultan is false.