Mavroyeni Bey to Mr. Gresham.


Mr. Secretary of State: Referring to the conversation I have just had the honor to have with your excellency this afternoon, I hasten to transmit herewith a copy of the telegram, dated the 16th instant, which I have received from the Sublime Porte, in connection with the designation of Mr. Jewett; telegram which I had, moreover, read to your excellency on the 17th instant.

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On that date, that is to say, the 17th instant, I transmitted by cable to the Sublime Porte all the particulars which you were pleased to give me in reply to this telegram of the Sublime Porte, requesting telegraphic instructions at the same time.

Unfortunately I have not, up to date, received any reply.

Accept, etc.,


Saїd Pasha to Mavroyeni Bey.

Mr. Terrell informed us to-day that he had just received instructions from his Government directing him to request of His Imperial Majesty, the Sultan, our August Master, his high assent to the proposal of having the consul of the United States at Sivas join the Sassoun investigating commission. We brought to his attention the fact that in consequence of the refusal of the Washington cabinet to accede to the proposal which we had originally made to the end of delegating an American official to the above said investigation, we had applied, for the same purpose, to the cabinets of London, Paris, and St. Petersburg, which have accepted the proposal of the Imperial Government, and agreed to having a delegate from their respective consuls at Erzeroum attend the labors of the above-said commission; that, in view of the phase taken at the present time by the question, it would be extremely damaging for us to accept an American official, for the reason that, in that event, the other powers, parties to the Berlin treaty, would deem it their duty to also participate, and it would then be obvious that the matter, thus assuming a European character, would later on be of such a nature as to create grave complications; moreover, when it is known that the delegates of the three consuls have been sent to the spot, quiet will be restored in impartial public opinion which, while waiting for the result of the investigation, would give no credit to the untruthful publications of the Armenian committees and their friends; that, for all these reasons, the opportunity of our accepting an American official for the purpose in question had gone by. We therefore urged Mr. Terrell to communicate all the remarks and considerations above set forth to his Government.