No. 33.
Mr. Hall to Mr. Bayard.

No. 433.]

Sir: With reference to my dispatch, No. 404, relating to the mission of General Zavala, of Nicaragua, to Guatemala, I have the honor to inclose a copy and translation of his communication, dated the 24th ultimo, [Page 47] in which he reports its satisfactory termination and a settlement of all pending differences between the two Governments.

The most important result of the mission, now that all apprehensions of trouble with Guatemala and Salvador have ceased, is the raising of the state of seige, which has existed in Nicaragua since the promulgagation of Barrios’s union proclamation in March last, and a general amnesty to all Nicaraguans who have been convicted or accused of political offenses. I inclose a copy and translation of the decree. It bears the same date as General Zavala’s communication.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 433.—Translation from the Gaceta Oficial of Nicaragua, September 26, 1886.]

Department of Government and Justice.

Decree raising the state of siege and conceding an amnesty.

The Government, considering that the causes which gave rise to the decree of the 11th March last have ceased to exist; that the Republic is at peace with the other Republics of Central America, and, in view of these circumstances, wishing to concede a pardon to those who may have been imprisoned or expatriated for political offenses, and having heard the opinion of the council of ministers, decrees:

On and after the 1st of October next the state of siege shall be raised, and in consequence thereof constitutional order shall be re-established.
A complete, ample, and unconditional amnesty is granted to all those Nicaraguans who are expatriated or imprisoned for political offenses.

    Minister of Government and Justice.
    Minister for Foreign Affairs and Public Instruction.
    Minister af Public Works.
    Minister of Finance, War, and Marine.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 433.—Translation from the Gaceta Oficial of Nicaragua, September 26, 1885.]

General Zavala to Señor Castellon.

General Zavala’s report of his mission as minister of Nicaragua to Guatemala in August, 1885.

Mr. Minister: In compliance with the high mission with which the Supreme Government honored me, accrediting me as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary near the Government of Guatemala, I arrived in that Republic in the beginning of August, and was the object, from my landing at the port of San José, of the consideration due to the representative of a friendly and sister nation.

On the 19th of the same month I was received officially with the customary ceremonies, and I have the honor to accompany copies of the discourses exchanged on that occasion.

During my short stay in Guatemala some of the organs of the press, and of a certain political tendency, attacked the Government of Nicaragua harshly, and at the same time slandering President Cardenas. I deemed it my duty to reply to these attacks and to repel the calumny against the President, as you will notice in the newspapers which I inclose, and to request of the Government of Gautemala the prosecution of the libeler and supplanter of signatures. The minister of relations, in his note of the 29th of August, in reply to my request, offered to proceed by all legal means against the author or authors of the calumny.

[Page 48]

I have the satisfaction of informing you that the Govrntment and the society of Guatemala in general decidedly condemned these publications, as may be seen in the note of Senor Ramirez of the 26th August, above mentioned, and in the newspapers to which I have referred.

After several conferences with President Barillas and Señor Manuel Ramirez, minister for foreign affairs, the protocol, the original of which I have the honor to remit to you, was signed. In it you will observe that the relations between Nicaragua and Guatemala have been re-established on the most cordial and friendly terms. President Barillas made me the most frank and explicit manifestations of his sentiments in behalf of the peace of Central America. His sound political sense and his lively interest in the progress of Guatemala are undoubtedly a guarantee of tranquillity for these Republics.

Through the friendly initiative of Mr. Henry C. Hall, the United States minister, I signed a protocol with the minister of Germany and the chargés d’affaires of France and Italy to terminate the disagreeable incident which took place in consequence of the communication which those representatives addressed to the Government of Guatemala in reply to the circular note in which the latter announced to them the proclamation of the union of Central America.

I have the honor to remit to you the original protocol.

The secretaries of legation Espinosa and Cuadra, will place in your hands all the papers relating to the legation to Guatamala.

If the slight services it has just rendered should contribute in any way to the welfare of Nicaragua I shall be highly satisfied.

* * * * * * *


Señor Castellon to General Zavala.

Mr. Minister: I have had the honor to receive the communication in which you give an account of your acts as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of Nicaragua near the Government of Guatemala, during the recent mission confided to you.

Your communication has impressed the President, to whom I referred it, with lively interest and he has instructed me to manifest to you his great gratification that you were the object of marked consideration and esteem from the time of your arrival, and for the laudable zeal and patriotism you displayed in placing upon lasting bases the good relations which both parties desire to maintain for the good of these peoples who have been so sorely afflicted of late by political conflicts and troubles.

The Government unreservedly approves all of your acts exercised in the discharge of your important mission, and through my medium renders you its sincere thanks for the services through which you have acquired new titles to the national gratitude.

* * * * * * *