No. 265.
Mr. Woodbury to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Herewith is transmitted the affidavit of the crew of the schooner Thomas F. Bayard, relative to her having been forced to abandon her fishing voyage on the northwest coast of Newfoundland, and return home, in consequence of a warning that she would be seized by the shore authorities if she fished or bought bait within the three-mile limit, which has been transmitted to the Department. My information is that the schooner has sailed on another trip.

I am, &c.,

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Affidavit of captain and crew of schooner Thomas F. Bayard.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Essex, ss:

We, the undersigned, on oath declare and say that we were members of the crew of the schooner Thomas F. Bayard, of the the port of Gloucester, on the trip that commenced June 15, 1886, and ended July 19. We entered Port Mulgrave, and were informed that we had a right to fish in the northwest coast of Newfoundland. We entered Bonne Bay July 12, and were forbid to buy bait or to fish, and returned home with but a small part of a fare. The fishermen at Bonne Bay were anxious to sell bait to us if we could buy. We know the fish were there, and if we had been allowed to buy bait and to fish should have procured a full fare.

  • Alex. McDonald.
  • James Langley.
  • David Campbell.
  • Milton his + mark Atkins.
  • John his + mark McNeil.
  • John McEachern.
  • Angus McDonald.
  • Peter McAlpin.
  • Eugene Nickerson.
  • William Atkinson.
  • William his + mark De Corte.
  • Daniel his + mark McCormick.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Essex, ss:

Personally appeared the above-named Alexander McDonald, Angus McDonald, James Langley, Peter McAlpin, Daniel Campbell, Eugene Nickerson, Milton Atkins, William Atkinson, John McNeil, William De Corte, John McEachern, and Daniel McCormick, and on oath declared the above statement by them subscribed to be true.

[l. s.]
Notary Public.