No. 264.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Woodbury.

Sir: I beg to acknowledge your letter dated July 28, accompanied by the affidavit of Captain McDonald, of the schooner T. F. Bayard, and the notice given him at Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, and also the affidavit of Capt. Alexander McEachern, of the schooner Mascot.

These infractions of the rights of American citizens intended to be secured under the convention of 1818, have been duly brought to the notice of the British minister at this capital, and I have also sent copies of these papers to the United States minister at London, with instructions that the contents of the same be made known to the foreign office in order to prevent any further violation of the rights of our citizens, and that notice be given of the claim hereafter upon the Government of Great Britain for all loss and damage to the vessels in question and their owners, when the same shall have been ascertained, by reason of this unlawful action on the part of the authorities of Newfoundland and Magdalen Islands.

I am, &c.,