No. 109.
Mr. Reinberg to Mr. Porter.

No. 123.]

Sir: Secretary Bayard’s telegram of the 21st instant, “Flores has telegraphed permission for Santos to come to United States; you will assist his departure,” was delayed at the telegraphic station of Santa Elena for seven days, by reason of the land line uniting the Guayaquil office having broken down. However, on its receipt, I called on the governor of this province, the President having returned to the capital, Quito, and requested him to inform me whether Mr. Santos had been liberated for the purpose of his going to the United States. In reply the governor advised me that he had received a telegram from Minister Flores requesting his liberation and his departure to the United States, and that the same had been sent to Quito to the President for his determination, and that as soon as an answer on the subject was received he would communicate the same to me, although it was his belief that the President would directly communicate to the governor of the province of Manabi, where the prisoner is incarcerated, ordering his liberation and departure.

I am, &c.,

United States Vice-Consul-General.