United States of America

[1079] United States Senate

[1080] United States House of Representatives

[1081] Funeral Obsequies

[1082] Albany Zouave Cadets, Company A, 10th Regiment National Guards, State of New York

[1085] Municipal Council of Boston, Massachusetts

[1088] Jackson Literary Society of Baltimore, Maryland

[1090] Inhabitants of Boone County, Missouri

[1093] Municipal Council of Chicago, Illinois

[1094] Municipal Council of Concord, New Hampshire

[1096] Inhabitants of Huntsville, Alabama

[1097] State Synod of Michigan

[1098] 1st Brigade 3d Division Department of West Virginia

[1099] Inhabitants of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

[1100] Municipal Council of Manchester, New Hampshire

[1101] St. George’s Society of Madison, Wisconsin

[1103] Italian Residents of New York City, New York


[1105] Spanish Residents of New York City, New York


[1106] New York Chamber of Commerce