1st Brigade 3d Division Department of West Virginia

At a meeting held at the headquarters 1st brigade, 3d division, department West Virginia, on this the 17th day of April, 1865, composed of the regimental and detachment commanders of the brigade as aforesaid, in pursuance of an invitation to that effect from Captain C. S. Ilsley, acting assistant adjutant general, convened for the purpose of expressing more especially their feelings of profound sympathy with Brigadier General Seward, their esteemed commanding officer, in the recent affliction that has befallen him, the following resolutions were adopted:

Whereas it has pleased an all-wise Providence to visit a terrible calamity upon the nation through the death of our Chief Magistrate,

And whereas, in conjunction with the sad tidings of the assassination of that honored and revered President and patriot, his Excellency Abraham Lincoln, we have heard of the dastardly attempt to assassinate the honorable William H. Seward, Secretary of State, the father of our commanding general.

And whereas, it is eminently proper that we, the commanding officers of the different organizations comprised in this brigade, and as the legitimate mediums of the same, should, exhibit more especially some evidence of the profound sympathy which this entire command feel for their beloved commanding general in this the hour of his tribulation: Therefore, be it resolved—

  • 1st. That the wicked, unprecedented and inhuman murder of the nation’s Chief Magistrate and most honored son, is a crime the most horrible that has ever disgraced our country’s history.
  • 2d. That as the representatives of the 1st brigade, 3d division, department of West Virginia, we take this method to exhibit to our commanding general those feelings of respect and admiration in which his person is held by this command, and which he has merited by his uniform justice, equity, and kindness toward them.
  • 3d. That we extend to our beloved commanding general and his afflicted family the most heartfelt and unfeigned sympathy.
  • 4th. That it shall be our prayer that the honorable Secretary and his children may be restored to full health and happiness, and to many long years of future usefulness.
  • 5th. That a copy of these resolutions and proceedings be signed by the officers of this meeting, and be transmitted without delay to Brigadier General W. H. Seward, and also that they be published.

Captain Andrews, upon seconding the motion to adopt the resolution, delivered a most solemn and impressive address.

The preamble and resolutions were then unanimously adopted. Upon motion of Lieutenant Colonel Vernon, the meeting then adjourned sine die.

  • R. E. COOK,
    Colonel 1st P. H. B. Md. Vol. Inf., President.
  • C. S. ILSLEY,
    Captain A. A. A. General, Secretary.