Albany Zouave Cadets, Company A, 10th Regiment National Guards, State of New York

At a special meeting of this organization, held this evening, the following expression of its sentiments was unanimously adopted:

A strong column in the nation’s defence is fallen! Liberty mourns a champion—humanity a friend. The great head of the republic has passed away; and as citizens and soldiers we desire to publicly record our sorrow and give expression to the admiration we cherish for the spotless purity of the character of the departed, the singular originality of his mind, the firmness of his resolution, the courage of his temper, and the success which has crowned his efforts to preserve unimpaired the integrity of our federal Union. We solemnly renew our allegiance to the sacred cause for which he died, and pledge ourselves to cherish in grateful remembrance the virtues he illustrated and the principles of government he held so dear.

“Nothing can cover his high fame hut heaven;
No pyramid set off his memory
But the eternal substance of his greatness.”

In his life, without a stain or blemish to disfigure his private fame, he was crowned with glory in his public career; through every casualty and round of action he stood a model and exemplar to the human race. In the disinterestedness of his acts, the nobleness of his designs, and purity of his motives, he stands without a rival or an equal—ornatus Dei. The unrivalled accuracy of his judgment is demonstrated in the extraordinary success of his eventful career. [Page 652] Knowing the power of truth, he renewed his strength day by day with the consciousness of being right. Without a doubt of the issue—placing entire confidence in the strong arm which had upheld the nation through a succession of dangers and disasters, aided by the prayers and support of millions scattered all over the world—he pushed on unerringly in his great purpose, and was enabled to see the dawn of universal victory and peace. Alas! that the bright dream of reconciliation and restored brotherhood should be disturbed and the page of history contain the recital of the “taking off” of a character so beneficent, so firm, and so mild, so enthusiastic and yet so rational. “Wherever among men a heart shall be found that beats to the transports of patriotism and liberty, its aspiration shall be to claim kindred with thy spirit.”

To his family and friends, upon whom this affliction falls so heavily, we would give assurance of our heartfelt sympathy, with the hope that the Divine Comforter may pour His healing balm into their hearts.

The usual badge of mourning is assumed for the period of sixty days.

  • L. U. LENNOX,
  • D. S. BENTON,
  • H. M. WATSON,
    First and Second Lieutenants.
    Orderly Sergeant.