St. George’s Benevolent Society of Cincinnati, Ohio

Resolutions passed at a meeting held by the St. George’s Benevolent Society, Cincinnati, Ohio.

At a meeting of the St. George’s Benevolent Society, held in their room, No 102 Walnut street, Cincinnati, Ohio, on Thursday, April 20, Mr. Daniels, president of the society in the chair, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, while rejoicing over the victories which have crowned the arms and secured the triumph of the government of the United States over the rebellion we were astounded by the news of the assassination of the President: Therefore, be it

Resolved, That with unfeigned sorrow under this national calamity, we bow before this mysterious dispensation of Divine Providence, and with unfaltering faith in the wisdom and goodness of God, we pray that the people of the United States may have the assistance of His grace to bear this heavy trial with fortitude and patience.

Resolved, That we record our testimony to the exemplary integrity, patriotism, sagacity, and goodness of Abraham Lincoln, and deplore his death as a calamity, not only to the United States, but to the cause of human progress and freedom throughout the world.

Resolved, That amidst our mourning we are pleased to find that our countrymen all over the United States and Canada have manifested their sorrow and abhorrence of this diabolical act, and with them we sincerely hope that the future of this, our adopted country, will be peace, unity, and prosperity.

Resolved, That owing to this national calamity we postpone our annual celebration until further notice.

Signed by the committee.

  • J. A. DANIELS.