Inhabitants of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

Whereas, in the mysterious providence of Almighty God, Abraham Lincoln, the revered and beloved Chief Magistrate of these United States, has been stricken down by the hand of an assassin, and the nation has thus been robbed of its chosen and cherished head; and whereas the blow thus struck falls with the same suddenness and severity on the whole country, making it incumbent on every community to give public expression to their sentiments respecting this appalling event: Therefore,

Resolved, That we regard the death of President Lincoln, at the moment when the results of his first administration, sustained, as it was, through a period of reckless rebellion, and a civil conflict unparallelled for its atrocities, were rapidly ripening into increased national glory, prosperity, and peace, as altogether too great a calamity to be fully estimated at the present time.

Resolved, That the murder of the President, while it immensely aggravates our sorrow for our great loss, fills us with humiliation and shame, as the darkest and most indellible blot ever yet fastened upon the American name.

Resolved, That we regard the killing of President Lincoln, in connection with the attempted assassination of the head of the Department of State-—himself one of the most distinguished statesmen of the age—as unquestionably the fruit of that spirit of southern devotion to slavery and hatred to northern freedom which had already plunged the South into the guilt of the blackest treason ever known to the civillzed world, and the whole republic into the horrors of an unprovoked and terrible warfare.

Resolved, That we regard the lamented Abraham Lincoln as a man of rare endowments, for conducting this great nation through an unforeseen and perplexing crisis in public affairs; and that we deem ourselves, as a people, deeply indebted, under God, to his united wisdom and strength, foresight and firmness, serenity and courage, high statesmanship and incorruptible integrity, for the preservation of the country from fatal dismemberment, and for the prospect of approaching Union and peace.

Resolved, That we bless God for having raised up just such a man as Abraham Lincoln was, to become the discreet and successful emancipator of more than four millions of bondmen, and for the utter extinction of a system of oppression and wrong wholly incompatible with a republican government, with national prosperity, and the fundamental law of the Christian religion.

Resolved, That we tender to the surviving companion and family of our deceased President our heartfelt sympathy in their great sorrow and bereavement, fervently commending them to the gracious care and protection of their Father in heaven.

Resolved, That we likewise offer to William H. Seward, the prostrated but highly honored Secretary of State, our affectionate congratulations on his well-nigh miraculous escape from the same brutal death which was inflicted on his noble friend, and which was equally intended for himself; and we join with every loyal man in the country in devout thanksgivings for the prospect of his speedy return to the post of duty and of honor, which he has so ably filled and adorned.

Resolved, That we present our most respectful and sincere assurance to the Hon. Andrew Johnson of the cordiality and confidence with which we greet his accession to the chief magistracy of the nation, and of our earnest prayer that he may be enabled to carry out, to a triumphant consummation, the great work so auspiciously begun by his lamented predecessor.

Resolved, That we reverently invoke the continued favor of Heaven for our beloved but distracted country, firmly trusting that, as Jehovah was our fathers’ God, He will be ours and our children’s God, to the latest generation.

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Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the chairman and secretary, be forwarded to the family of the deceased President, to the Secretary of State, and to the new President.

  • HENRY BARSTOW, Chairman.
  • W. E. SPARROW, Secretary.