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Appendix to diplomatic correspondence of 1865.

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Where from. From whom. Page.
Government of Austria Count Meysenbug to Mr. Motley 1
Do House of Deputies 2
Do Count Meysenbug to Baron Wydenbruck 2
Do Baron Wydenbruck to Mr. Seward 3
Do Count Mensdorff to Baron Wydenbruck 3
Do Baron Wydenbruck to Mr. Hunter 3
Bielitz Members of Associations of Commerce and Industry 4
Vienna Mr. Motley to Mr. Seward 4
Do do 6
Government of the Argentine Republic. Señor Rufino de Elizalde to Mr. Kirk 8
Do Department of the Interior 8
Do President of the Congress 8
Do Congress of the Argentine Republic 9
Buenos Ayres Governor of the Province 9
Do Mr. Kirk to Mr. Seward 10
Do Spanish Democratic Committee 10
Do Mr. Tomas Guido 11
Do American Residents 11
Government of Belgium Mr. Rogier to Mr. Sandford 13
Do Mr. Berghmans to Mr. Hunter 13
Do House of Representatives 13
Do From the Moniteur. Action of the Government 16
Brussels Mr. Sandford to Mr. Seward 16
Do do 17
Ghent Septentrion Masonic Lodge 18
New Orleans Belgian consul. (See United States.)
Government of Brunswick Mr. Bechtel to President Johnson 19
Carlsruhe Swiss Residents to the Editor of the Bund, in Berne 20
Kappel Rhein Turners’ Society 20
Government of Brazil Señor José Antonio Saraiva to Mr. Webb 21
Do Señor Ignacio de Avellar Barloza de Silva to Mr. Seward 21
Botafoga The Marquis d’Abrantes 22
Rio de Janeiro Mr. Webb to Mr. Seward 22
Do Minister of Peru 23
Do Minister of the Argentine Republic 23
Cochabamba Mr. Hall to Mr. Hunter 24
Government of Chili Serior Señor Alvaro Covarrubias to Mr. Nelson 25
Do President’s annual message, (extract). 25
Do Señor F. S. Asta Buruaga to Mr. Hunter 26
Andes Governor of the Department 26
Calbuco Municipal Council of Carelmapu 27
Copiapo Inhabitants 27
Santiago Mr. Nelson to Mr. Seward 28
Do do 29
Do do 30
Do Minister of Spain 31
Do Society of Primary Instruction 31
Do Union Club 31
Do Council of the Artisans’ Society 32
Do Union Americana 32
Valparaiso Anglo-Saxon Workingmen’s Association. 34
Do American Residents 34
Do Municipal Council of Quillota 35
Government of Costa Rica Señor J. Volio to Mr. Riotte 37
Do do 37
Do Señor J. Volio to Don Luis Molina 38
Do Don Luis Molina to Mr. Hunter 38
San José Mr. Riotte to Mr. Hunter 39
Do do 39
Government of China Prince Kung to Mr. Williams 41
Peking Mr. Williams to Mr. Seward 41
Government of Denmark Mr. Raasloff to Mr. Hunter 43
Government of Denmark Mr. Raasloff to the President 43
Copenhagen Mr. Wood to Mr. Seward 44
St. Croix Governor of the West India Colonies of Denmark 44
Government of Ecuador Señor Pablo Herrera to Mr. Hassaurek 46
Do do 46
Do President Moreno to Mr. Hassaurek 47
Guayaquil Mr. Hassaurek to Mr. Seward 47
Do do 47
Alexandria Mr. Hale to Mr. Seward 49
Do Mr. Hale to Mr. Hunter 49
Government of France Mr. Drouyn de Lhuys to Mr. Bigelow 50
Do Corps Legislatif 50
Do do 51
Do Corps Legislatif, Deputies of the Left. 52
Do do 53
Do Mr. Drouyn de Lhuys to Mr. de Geofroy 54
Do Mr. de Geofroy to Mr. Hunter 54
Boyan-on-the-Sea Inhabitants 55
Choisy-le-Roi Lodge of La Franché Union 55
Chavaniac Oscar de Lafayette 56
Charente Perfect Union Masonic Lodge 56
Caen Edward Talbot 57
Do Inhabitants 57
Guingamp do 58
Grasse New Friendship Lodge 58
Gentilly United Benefactors’ Lodge 59
Gaillac Orion Lodge of St. John 60
Guadeloupe Creoles of African descent 60
Lyons Republicans 61
Do Evangelical Alliance 61
Lure Toleration and Progress Lodge 62
Libourne L’Escole de la Morale 62
Macon Les Art Reunis Lodge 63
Metz Friends of Truth Lodge 64
Montauban Members of the Protestant Church and London Society for the Abolition of Slavery. 64
Nancy St. John of Jerusalem Lodge 65
Nimes Louis and Casimir Didett 65
Nimes Louis and Casimir Didett 66
Nice American Residents 66
New York French Residents. (See United States.)
Philadelphia French Society of Beneficence. (See United States.)
Paris Mr. Bigelow to Mr. Seward 66
Do do 67
Do do 68
Do do 69
Do Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte 69
Do Young Men of France 70
Do Clement Friendship Lodge 70
Do Oriental Lodge 71
Do Mars and Arts Lodge 71
Do Straight Line Lodge 72
Do Friends of the Country Lodge. 73
Do L’Avenir Lodge 73
Do La Prévoyance Lodge 74
Do St. John’s Lodge No. 147, the Heroes of Humanity 74
Do Scotch Rite Lodge 75
Do Henry IV Lodge 75
Do Perseverance Lodge 76
Do Admirers of the Universe Lodge 76
Do Scotch Hive Lodge 76
Do St. John of Jerusalem Lodge 77
Do Harmony Lodge 77
Do St. Pierre des Acacias Lodge 78
Do Fraternity of the People Lodge 78
Do Scotch Lodge No 146; the Right Line 79
Do Supreme G.·. C.·. of Misraïm 79
Do President of the Lodge Renaissance 80
Do St. Augustus the Beneficent Lodge 81
Do French Committee of Emancipation 82
Do Students of the School of Medicine 85
Do International Committee of the Darien Canal Company 86
Do National Union for Commerce and Manufactures 86
Do Universal Religious Alliance 86
Do Conference of French Pastors 87
Do do 87
Do Address of the press. 88
Do M. Imbert 89
Do J. C. Lusine 89
Do J. C. Lusine: Ode 89
Paris Alfred Monod 90
Do Ph. Target and E. Villetard, Editors of the Sunday Courier. (See also page 97.) 90
Do Auguste L’Alloux: Ode 91
Do Ed. Laboulaye 92
Do Paul Thouzery 92
Do do 92
Do Poul Thouzery: Ode 93
Do F. Campadelli 95
Do F. Campadelli: Ode 95
Do J. H. Vries 97
Do Ph. Target and E. Villetard, Editors of the Sunday Courier. (See also page 90.) 97
Do Gregory Ganesco 97
Do General Count Faubert 98
Do French West Indian Colonists 98
Do Chargé d’Affaires of Persia 99
Do American Residents 99
Do do 100
Pau Cradle of Henry IV Lodge 103
Do American Residents 103
Pons Reformed Church of France 103
Perpignan Friends of Perfect Union Lodge 104
Do do 104
Do do 105
Do do 106
Riette F. B.: Poem 106
St. Stephen Royal Scotch Lodge 106
St. Germain-en-laye. Good Faith Lodge 107
Strasbourg Students of the Faculty of Protestant Theology 107
Do Inhabitants 108
Tarare Working Classes 108
Tours Democrats 108
Do do 109
Toulouse Members of the Protestant Church and the London Society for the Abolition of Slavery. (See Montauban.)
Vierzon Inhabitants 109
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from the press of paris.

Date. Name. Page.
April 27, 1865 Avenir Nationale 110
April 28, 1865 do 110
April 29, 1865 do 111
May 1, 1865 do 111
May 3, 1865 do 112
May 4, 1865 do 113
April 29, 1865 Constitutionnel 113
May 2, 1865 do 114
April 28, 1865 Epoque 115
April 29, 1865 do 115
May 3, 1865 do 116
April 28, 1865 France, La 116
April 30, 1865 do 117
May 1, 1865 do 117
May 3, 1865 do 118
April 28, 1865 Gazette de France 119
April 30, 1865 do 121
May 5, 1865 do 124
April 28, 1865 Journal des Debats 124
April 29, 1865 do 125
May 3, 1865 do 128
May 4, 1865 do 128
May 8, 1865 do 129
April 27, 1865 Monde, La 129
April 28, 1865 Opinion Nationale 130
April 30, 1865 do 133
May 1, 1865 do 133
April 28, 1865 Presse, La 133
May 1, 1865 do 135
April 28, 1865 Pays, La 135
April 28, 1865 Patrie, La 136
May 3, 1865 do 136
May 1, 1865 Revue des Deux Mondes 137
April 28, 1865 Siécle 140
April 30, 1865 do 142
May 2, 1865 do 142
April 27, 1865 Temps 143
April 28, 1865 do 143
May 1, 1865 do 144
May 2, 1865 do 144
May 4, 1865 do 145
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Where from. From whom. Page.
Government of Great Britain Earl Russell to Mr. Adams 146
Do Earl Russell to Sir F. Bruce 146
Do do 147
Do Resolutions of Parliament and the Queen’s answer to the Address. 147
Do Proceedings in the House of Lords 147
Do Proceedings in the House of Commons 152
Do Mr. Burnley to Mr. Hunter 155
Antrim Northern Presbytery of Antrim. (See Ballyclare.)
Aberdeen Convener Court of the Seven Incorporated Trades of the City. 156
Do Municipal Council 156
Axbridge do 156
Anstruther Easter do 157
Ayr do 157
Arbroath do 157
Ashton-under-Lyne do 157
Do Temperance Society 158
Do Union and Emancipation Society 159
Anglesey Baptist Association. (See Beaumaris.)
Beaumaris Anglesey Baptist Association 160
Bolton Municipal Council 160
Do do 160
Brechin do 160
Berwick-upon-Tweed do 161
Burnley do 161
Burntisland do 161
Barnstaple do 161
Brecon do 162
Banbury do 162
Bridport do 162
Bat do 163
Buckingham do 163
Bedford do 164
Bridgenorth do 164
Bristol do 164
Do Inhabitants 165
Do Teachers of the Ragged School 165
Do Workingmen’s Club and Institute 166
Do Reform Union 166
Brighton Inhabitants 167
Do do 167
Do Trading and Working Classes 168
Do Workingmen 168
Balsall Heath Local Board of Health 169
Bournemouth Inhabitants 169
Bilston do 169
Barrhead do 170
Bridlington do 170
Blackburn do 171
Do do 171
Burham do 172
Broomfield do 172
Brockville, C. W do 172
Belfast do 173
Bradford do 174
Do do 174
Do Chamber of Commerce 174
Birmingham Municipal Council 175
Do Inhabitants 175
Do Ladies’ Negroes’ Friend Society 176
Do Representatives of the Baptist Churches of England 178
Blaydon Local Board 178
Bridgewater Municipal Council 179
Do Methodist Free Church 179
Bury Town Commissioners 179
Do Inhabitants 179
Ballyclare Northern Presbytery of Antrim 180
Barnsley Local Board of Health 181
Berlin, C. W Inhabitants 181
Birkenhead Workingmen’s Association 182
Bahamas Governor of the Bahamas 183
Do Legislative Council 183
Bermuda Lieutenant Governor 184
Do Colonial Secretary. (See Hamilton.)
British Guiana Government Secretary 184
Canada Governor General to Sir F. Bruce 184
Calcutta Bengal Chamber of Commerce 184
Do do 185
Do American Residents 185
Do Justices of the Peace 186
Chelsea Vestry of the Parish 186
Camden Town Inhabitants 187
Chatham do 187
Cramlington West do 188
Crail Municipal Council 188
Chester do 188
Chippenham do 188
Cardigan do 189
Carnarvon do 189
Canterbury do 189
Cork do 190
Congleton do 190
Do Inhabitants 190
Cardiff do 191
Do Merchants, Brokers, and others 191
Coventry Municipal Council 191
Do Inhabitants 192
Cambridge Municipal Council 192
Do The Chancellor of the University 192
Do University of 193
Colchester Municipal Council 193
Do Inhabitants 193
Carlisle Municipal Council 194
Do Inhabitants 194
Cobourg, C. W. Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of Canada 194
Canada East do 195
Cape Town Town Commissioner 195
Do Chamber of Commerce 196
Cupar Municipal Council 196
Do Commissioners of Supply 196
Cape Coast, Africa Inhabitants 197
Cardigan Independent Ministers. (See Pembroke.)
Carmarthen Independent Ministers. (See Pembroke.)
Deal Municipal Council 198
Dorchester do 198
Dover do 199
Dumbarton do 199
Dumfries do 200
Doncaster do 200
Dumfermline do 200
Dewsbury do 201
Do Chamber of Commerce 201
Darwen Inhabitants 201
Derby Inhabitants 202
Devizes do 202
Darlington do 203
Do 15th Durham Rifle Volunteers 204
Dublin Municipal Council 204
Do do 205
Do Inhabitants 205
Do Democratic Classes 206
Do Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland 207
Do Wesleyan Ministers and Stewards 207
Dundee Municipal Council 208
Do Magistrates, Bankers, Manufacturers, and other Inhabitants 209
Do American Residents 210
Dowlais Welsh Baptist Association 211
Exeter Municipal Council 212
Evesham do 212
Edinburgh do 212
Do Inhabitants 213
Do do 213
Do Chamber of Commerce 214
Do Ladies’ Emancipation Society 214
Do Grand Master Masons of Scotland 215
Elgin Commissioners of Supply 216
Emerald Hill Municipal Council 216
Do do 216
Falkirk do 217
Forfar do 217
Do Commissioners of Supply 217
Friockheim Inhabitants 218
Greenock Municipal Council 218
Grantham do 219
Gloucester do 219
Geelong do 219
Great Bardfield Inhabitants 220
Galt, C. W do 220
Galway do 221
Glasgow do 222
Do Chamber of Commerce 223
Do Members of the Merchants’ House 223
Do Union and Emancipation Society 224
Do American Residents 225
Glasgow American Residents 225
Do Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. 226
Guernsey Chamber of Commerce 227
Gateshead Workingmen and Women 227
Holyhead Anglesey Baptist Association. (See Beaumaris.)
Huntingdon Municipal Council 228
Hastings do 228
Hertford do 229
Hereford do 229
Hanley do 229
Hawick do 230
Do Friends of Union and Emancipation 230
Halifax, N. S Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. (See Nova Scotia.)
Do Legislative Chambers. (See Nova Scotia.)
Do Proceedings in the Legislative Chambers. (See Nova Scotia.)
Do Municipal Council 231
Halifax, York Co do 231
Do Inhabitants 232
Haslingden do 232
Halstead do 233
Heckmondwike do 233
Hamilton do 234
Do Lieutenant Governor. (See Bermuda.)
Do Colonial Secretary 234
Do Alexandria Lodge of the G. U. O. of Odd Fellows 235
Do Municipal Council 236
Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce 236
Do Improvement Commissioners 237
Do Union and Emancipation Society 237
Hull Chamber of Commerce 237
Holmfirth Chamber of Commerce 238
Hinton Martell Workingmen 238
Do do 238
Hartlepool Town Commissioners 238
Do do 239
Do Inhabitants 239
Do United Methodist Free Church 240
Ipswich Inhabitants 240
Do Working Classes 240
Ingersoll Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada 241
Jedburgh Municipal Council 241
Do Commissioners of Supply of the County of Roxburgh. (See Roxburgh.)
Kilmarnock Municipal Council 242
Kidderminster do 242
King’s Lynn do 242
Kirkaldy do 243
Do do 243
Kendal do 244
Do do 244
Do Inhabitants 245
Keighley do 245
Kettering do 245
Kingston, Jamaica do 246
Do do 247
Do do 247
Do do 248
Kingston-upon-Hull do 249
Ludlow Municipal Council 250
Llanidloes do 250
Lymington do 250
Leominster do 250
Lancaster do 250
Lincoln do 251
Do Inhabitants 251
Leicester do 252
Limerick do 252
Lanark Municipal Council 253
Do Lord Lieutenant, Sheriff, and Commiss’ners of Supply. 253
Liverpool Municipal Council 254
Do Inhabitants 254
Do do 254
Do American Chamber of Commerce 255
Do Chamber of Commerce 255
Do Mercantile Marine Service Association 255
Do Cotton Brokers’ Association 256
Do Emancipation Association 256
Do Financial Reform Association 257
Do Albert Literary Society 257
Do Robert Leighton: Ode 258
Leeds Inhabitants 258
Leeds Working People 259
London Mr. Adams to Mr. Seward 259
Do Mr. Adams to Mr. Hunter 260
Do Leon Lewis 260
Do Lodge of Gymnosophists 262
Do Municipal Council 263
Do Workingmen 263
Do, south do 265
Do, west Workingmen’s Christian Institute 266
Do International Workingmen’s Association 266
Do Merchants, Bankers, and Traders 267
Do White Chapel District Board of Works. (See White Chapel.)
Do Emancipation Society 268
Do Freedmen’s Aid Society 268
Do British and Foreign Antislavery Society 269
Do Committee of Deputies of British Jews 270
Do Argyle Square Junior Members Society 270
Do Bank of British Columbia 270
Do British Honduras Company 271
Do Temple Discussion Forum 271
Do Atlantic Telegraph Company 272
Do Covent Garden Theatrical Fund 272
Do Concord Lodge 273
Do German National Verein 273
Do American Residents 274
Do do 275
Do Mauritian Colored Residents 281
Do German Residents 281
Do Greek Race Residents 282
Do Welsh Residents 282
Do Irish Residents 283
London, C. W Municipal Council 284
Do Inhabitants 284
Do Board of Trade 285
Do Grand Trunk Railroad Company 285
Luton Local Board of Health 285
Leith Municipal Council 286
Do Chamber of Commerce 286
Lynden, C. W Methodist New Connection Conference 287
Margate Municipal Council 287
Morpeth do 278
Macclesfield Municipal Council 287
Maidstone do 288
Maldon do 288
Musselburgh do 288
Montrose do 289
Manchester do 289
Do Inhabitants 290
Do do 290
Do Chamber of Commerce 290
Do Union and Emancipation Society 291
Do do 292
Do British Temperance League 293
Do Sons of Temperance 293
Do Executive of the United Kingdom Alliance for the Total Suppression of the Liquor Traffic. 294
Mossley Inhabitants 294
Do do 295
Merthyr Tydfil do 295
Do do 296
Melbourne Polish and Hungarian Refugees 296
Do Municipal Council 297
Montreal do 297
Do Inhabitants 297
Do New England Society 298
Do Canadian Institute 299
Newark Municipal Council 300
Newcastle-under-Lyme do 300
Neath do 301
Newburg do 301
Do do 301
Newmilus Antislavery Society 302
Northwich Salt Chamber of Commerce 303
Newport Watch Committee of the Corporation 303
Newport, (Isle of Wight) Municipal Council 303
Nottingham do 303
Do Inhabitants 304
Do United Methodist Free Church Assembly 304
Norwich Inhabitants 305
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Municipal Council 305
Do Inhabitants 305
Do Conference of the Methodist New Connection 306
Newfoundland Executive Council 307
New South Wales Citizens of the Swiss Republic 307
Nassau Governor of the Bahamas. (See Bahamas.)
Do Legislative Councils. (See Bahamas.)
Northampton Municipal Council 307
Do Miss Grace W. Gray, Acrostic 308
Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor of the Province 309
Do Legislative Chambers 309
Do Proceedings in the Legislative Chambers 310
New Orleans British Consul. (See United States.)
New York British Residents. (See United States.)
Oldham Municipal Council 311
Do do 311
Do Inhabitants 312
Old Ford Ancient Order of Foresters 312
Oxford Municipal Council 313
Do Chancellor of the University 313
Do University 313
Ottawa Municipal Council 314
Patrick do 314
Pollokshaws do 315
Portsmouth do 315
Paisley do 316
Perth do 316
Peterborough Improvement Commissioners 317
Do Inhabitants 317
Pudsey-near-Leeds Local Board of Surveyors 318
Preston Municipal Council 318
Do Inhabitants 318
Do Anti-slavery Society 319
Do do 319
Do Union and Emancipation Society 320
Pembroke Municipal Council 320
Do Independent Ministers of the Counties of Carmarthen, Cardigan, and Pembroke. 321
Plymouth Municipal Council 322
Do Inhabitants 322
Plaistow do 323
Do do 323
Port Rowan do 323
Quebec Governor General of Canada. (See Canada.)
Do Municipal Council 324
Rochester Municipal Council 324
Rothesay do 325
Rochdale do 325
Do Inhabitants 325
Ramsgate do 326
Reading do 326
Rhyl Improvement Commissioners 326
Roxburg Commissioners of Supply 327
Ryde do 327
Do Inhabitants 327
Sudbury Municipal Council 328
Stratford-upon-Avon do 328
Strashrog Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada. (See Ingersoll.)
Scarborough Municipal Council 328
Shrewsbury do 329
Sanquhar do 329
Saint Albans do 329
Southampton do 329
Salford do 330
Stirling do 330
Do Commissioners of Supply 330
Stalybridge Inhabitants 331
Sunderland do 331
Staplehurst do 331
Stewarton do 332
Saint Helens do 332
Stroud do 332
South Shields do 333
Southport do 333
Selby do 334
St. Catharines do 334
Do do 335
Sherbrooke do 335
St. Thomas, C. W do 336
Sheffield Municipal Council 337
Do Inhabitants 337
Do do 338
Do Chamber of Commerce 338
Do Cutler’s Company 339
Do Secular Society 339
Selkirk Municipal Council 340
Selkirk Commissioners of Supply 340
Sligo Municipal Council 341
Do Board of Guardians 341
Stourbridge Inhabitants 341
Do Workhouse Board 342
Strafford Auxiliary Union and Emancipation Society 342
Stockport Municipal Council 342
Do Sunday School Union 342
St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vicar, Church Wardens, and Vestrymen of the Parish 343
Swansea Inhabitants 344
Do Workingmen’s Institute 344
St. Marylebone Vestry of the Church 344
St. Pancras Vestrymen of the Parish 344
Stockton Municipal Council 345
Do Inhabitants 345
St. John Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance. 346
Do Executive Council. (See Newfoundland.)
Saint George’s Colored People 347
Do Division of the Sons of Temperance 347
Sydney, N. S. W. Municipal Council 348
Do Irish National League 349
Toronto Municipal Council 350
Tewkesbury do 350
Thetford do 350
Tynemouth Inhabitants 351
Vancouver’s Island Legislative Assembly 351
Do do 352
Do Legislative Council 352
Victoria, V. I Welsh Baptist Association 352
Do American Residents 352
Do do 353
Wigan Working Classes 354
White Chapel District Board of Works 355
Winchester Municipal Council 355
Worcester do 355
Walsall do 355
Wells do 356
Warwick do 356
Waterford do 356
Do Inhabitants 357
Waterloo, C. W Inhabitants. (See Berlin.)
Warrington Inhabitants 357
Wakefield Inhabitants 358
Wolverhampton do 358
Woodstock do 359
Wednesbury Local Board of Health 360
Yeovil Municipal Council 360
York Inhabitants 360

from the press of great britain.

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Where from. From whom. Page.
Androssan Herald, April 29, 1865 361
Belfast Ulster Observer, April 27, 1865 418
Bradford Review April 29, 1865 362
Caledonian Mercury, April 27, 1865 364
Carlisle Examiner, April 29, 1865 366
Dublin Freeman’s Journal, April 28, 1865 368
Do Evening Post, April 29, 1865 369
Do Express, April 29, 1865 370
Do Reformer, April 29, 1865 372
Gateshead Observer, April 29, 1865 373
Glasgow Herald, May 1, 1865 375
London Morning Post, April 27, 1865 377
Do Evening Standard, April 27, 1865 378
Do Times, April 27, 1865 379
Do Daily News, April 27, 1865 381
Do Morning Star, April 27, 1865 385
Do do 387
Do Evening Star, May 2, 1865 393
Do Daily Telegraph, April 27, 1865 395
Do Daily Telegraph, April 28, 1865 399
Do Spectator, April 29, 1865 401
Do do 404
Do John Bull, April 29, 1865 407
Do Punch, May 6, 1865 408
Liverpool Daily Post, April 27, 1865 409
Leeds Mercury, April 27, 1865 411
Do do 414
Paisley Renfrewshire Independent, April 29, 1865 415
Surrey West Times, April 29, 1865 417
Belfast Ulster Observer, April 27, 1865 418
Saltcoats Herald. (See Androssan.)
Government of Guatemala Señor de Irisarri to Mr. Hunter. (See Salvador.)
Do Señor de Irisarri to Mr. Seward. (See Salvador.)
Government of Greece Mr. Braylas to Mr. Botassi. 422
Government of Honduras Don Louis Molina to Mr. Hunter. (See Costa Rica.)
Government of the Republics Mr. Rösing to Mr. Hunter 423
Government of Bremen Senate 423
Do House of Burgesses 424
Government of Hamburg Senate 425
Hamburg American Residents 425
Government of Lubec Mr. Schumacher to Mr. Seward 425
do Senate 426
Governm’t of Hesse-Darmstadt Mr. Hagedorn to President Johnson 426
Do Baron von Dalwigk to Mr. Hagedorn 427
Government of Hayti Mr. Bruno to Mr. Hunter 428
Gov’t of the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. Odell to Mr. Hunter 429
Do do 429
Honolulu Address delivered by Rev. E. Corwin. (Inadvertently inserted under the head of Liberia.) 474
Lahaina Inhabitants 429
Government of Italy Mr. Marmora to Mr. Marsh 431
Do Mr. Marmora to Mr. Bertinatti 431
Do House of Representatives 432
Ancona Emigration Society 432
Abruzzo Inhabitants 433
Acireale do 434
Alessandria United Workmen’s Society 434
Barga Workingmen’s Society 434
Brescia Mechanics’ Mutual Aid society 435
Bologna Workingmen’s Society 435
Do Ladies’ Society 436
Bologna Ladies Society 436
Canzo Inhabitants 437
Do Municipal Council 437
Carru Mechanics’ Mutual Aid Society 437
Chieti Mutual Aid Society 438
Do Municipal Council 438
Catania Workingmen’s Union 439
Do Sons of Labor 439
Do Students of the University 440
Chiavenna Society of Operatives 440
Dogliani Mechanics’ Society 441
Fermo Municipal Council 441
Foggia Workingmen’s Mutual Aid Society 442
Florence Mr. Marsh to Mr. Hunter 442
Do Democratic Republican Association 444
Do Democratic Association 444
Do Social Progress Lodge 445
Do Fraternity of Artisans 455
Do Constitutional Rights Association 446
Do American Residents 446
Forli Mechanics’ Society and the Society of Progress 448
Genoa Inhabitants 449
Do Union of Operatives 449
Leghorn Fraternal Association of Artisans 450
Do Anziani Virtuosi Lodge 450
Messina Lodge Le Lume e la Verita 451
Do Municipal Council 451
Milan Workingmen’s Mutual Help Association 452
Monteroduni Inhabitants 452
Marsala do 453
Naples Workingmen’s Union 453
Do Garibaldian Mutual Aid Society 454
Do Workingmen’s Benevolent Society 454
Do Students 455
Do Juvenile Society of Progress 456
Do Italian Electoral Association. 457
Do Municipal Council 457
Do Juvenile Scientific, Literary and Political Association. 457
Do From the Press. Reunion of Students 458
New York Italian Residents. (See United States.)
Parma Italian Una Lodge 458
Pavia Students of the Royal University 459
Perugia Juvenile Politico Literary Association 459
Do Students of the University 460
Pisa Montanelli Democratic Society 460
Reggio Patriotic Mutual Aid Society 461
San Marino Regents of the Republic 462
San Pier d’Arena Union of Operatives 462
Sienna Democratic Society 463
Do Italian Union Committee 463
Sissa Mechanics’ Society 463
Spezia Municipal Council 464
Do Workingmen’s Society 464
Salza Irpina Municipal Council 465
Somma Vesuviana do 465
Sassari Mutual Help Association 466
Torre del Greco Municipal Council 466
Do do 466
Do Juvenile Association 467
Turin Mr. Marsh to Mr. Hunter. (See Florence.)
Do Society of United Mechanics 468
Do Regent of Masonry 468
Do Italian Emigrants 469
Do Polish Residents 469
Vercilli Merchants’ Association 469
Yedo Mr. Portman to Mr. Seward 471
Yokohama Chargé d’affaires of Great Britain 471
Government of Liberia Hon. H. B. W. Johnson, Secretary of State 472
Do President Warner 473
Do Mr. Pinney to Mr. Hunter 474
Honolulu Address delivered by Rev. E. Corwin, (inadvertently inserted under this head.) 474
Monrovia Municipal Council 477
Do Mr. Hanson to Mr. Seward 478
Government of Mexico Señor Lerdo De Tejada. Circular addressed to the Governors of the various States. 480
Do President Juarez 480
Do Mr. Romero to Mr. Hunter 481
La Paz Governor Gibert 481
New York Mexican Club. (See United States.)
Providencia Governor of Guerrero 481
San Juan Bautista Governor of Tabasco 482
Tangier Mr. McMath to Mr. Hunter 483
Government of the Netherlands Mr. van Limburg to Mr. Hunter 484
Do do 484
The Hague Mr. Pike to Mr. Hunter 485
Do do 486
Government of Nicaragua Señor Basilio Salinas to Mr. Dickinson 487
Do Señor Pedro Zeledon to Don Luis Molina 487
Do Don Luis Molina to Mr. Hunter. (See Costa Rica.)
Leon de Nicaragua Mr. Dickinson to Mr. Hunter 488
Government of Prussia Count Bismarck to Mr. Judd 489
Do House of Deputies 489
Do do 490
Do Polish Members of the House of Deputies 491
Do Baron Gerolt to Mr. Hunter 491
Do Mr. Judd to Mrs. Lincoln, communicating the sympathy of the Royal Household. 492
Aix-la-Chapelle Municipal Council 492
Berlin Mr. Judd to Mr. Seward 493
Do do 493
Do do 494
Do do 495
Do do 495
Do do 496
Do Mr. Judd to Mr. Hunter 497
Do Workingmen’s Club 498
Do Artisans’ and Mechanics’ Union 499
Do Workingmen’s Union 499
Government of Portugal Señor de Figaniere to Mr. Hunter 501
Do House of Peers 501
Do House of Deputies 505
Do Count d’Avila to Mr. Harvey 506
Do do 507
Government of Portugal Chamber of Peers to Count d’Avila 507
Do Count d’Avila to Mr. Harvey 507
Do Chamber of Deputies to Count d’Avila 508
Do Chamber of Deputies 508
Do Count d’Avila to Señor de Figaniere 508
Do do 509
Do Señor da Silva to Count d’Avila 509
Lisbon Mr. Harvey to Mr. Seward 509
Do do 510
Do From the Comercio 511
Do From the Jornal 511
Do Working Class Improvement Association 511
Macao Governor of Macao 512
New York Portuguese Residents. (See United States.)
Government of Peru Señor Pedro José Calderon to Mr. Robinson 514
Do President Juan Antonio Pezet 514
Do Señor Garcia to Mr. Seward 515
Arequipa American Residents 515
Lima Mr. Robinson to Mr. Seward 516
Do do 517
Do Mr. Robinson to Mr. Hunter 517
Do Governor of the Department 518
Do Society of the Founders of the Independence of Peru 519
Do do 519
Do American Residents 520
Government of Russia Prince Gortchacow to Mr. de Stoeckl 523
Do Prince Gortchacow to Mr. Clay 523
Do do 524
St. Petersburg Mr. Clay to Mr. Seward 524
Do Minister of Great Britain 525
Do Minister of Italy 525
Do Minister of Belgium 526
Do Minister of Sweden and Norway 526
Rome Mr. King to Mr. Hunter 527
Do do 527
Do do 528
Do Mr. Henry Headly Parish 528
Government of Spain Señor Arrazola to Mr. Perry 530
Do Señor Banuelos to Mr. Perry 530
Do Senate 530
Do Chamber of Deputies 531
Do Duke of Valencia to Mr. Perry 531
Do Senate 531
Do Chamber of Deputies 532
Do Debate in the Senate 532
Do Debate in the Chamber of Deputies 533
Do Señor Tassara to Mr. Hunter 535
Do Señor Arrazola to Señor Tassara 536
Cuba Captain General, communicated through Señor Tassara. 536
Jerez de la Frontera Democracy of the Town 537
Do do 537
Do do 538
Madrid Mr. Perry to Mr. Seward 538
Do do 541
Do Cuban and Porto Rican Residents. 542
New York Spanish Residents. (See United States.)
Sineu Committee of Progress 542
Government of Sweden and Norway. Count Manderström to Mr. Campbell 544
Do do 544
Do do 545
Do Baron de Wetterstedt to Mr. Hunter 545
Do do 546
Do Count Manderström to Baron de Wetterstedt 546
Stockholm Mr. Campbell to Mr. Seward 547
Do Fredrika Bremer 548
Do Extract from a Newspaper 549
Governm’t of Saxe-Meiningen Baron Von Uttenhoven to Mr. Hirshbach 551
Government of Switzerland Federal Council 552
Do do 552
Do Mr. Hitz to Mr. Seward 553
Aargau Mutual Aid Society of the North Part of the Canton. 553
Altdorf Government of the Canton of Uri 554
Aarau Government of the Canton Aargau 554
Do Professor Dr. Troxler 554
Appenzell Government of the Canton of Appenzell of the Inner Rhodes. 555
Arwangen Inhabitants 555
Aarmuhle do 556
Aarberg Teachers of the District 556
Berne Mr. Fogg to Mr. Hunter 556
Do do 557
Do do 558
Do Government of the Canton 558
Do Editor of the Bund to Mr. Fogg 559
Do Congratulatory address to President Lincoln 560
Do Address of Condolence 561
Do Justus Schaller, Director of the Berne Railroad 561
Do Commercial and Manufacturing Association 561
Do Helvetia Students’ Union 562
Do Students of the Concordia Society 562
Do Typographia Society 562
Do Frohsinn Singing Society 562
Do Men’s Gymnastic Union 563
Burgdorf F. Welchli 563
Bleinbach N. T. Monett 563
Bollingen Reading Society 563
Bremgarten Municipal Council and Choral Union 564
Bienne Members of various Societies 564
Do Jean Jenk and R. Muller 564
Do Representatives from all the Districts of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Brunnen A. Niderast and P. Benl 565
Basel Government of the Canton of Basel Town 565
Balgach Inhabitants 565
Bucharest Swiss Residents. (See Turkey.)
Boudry Grutli Union. (See Travers.)
Bulle German Residents 566
Brittnau Inhabitants 566
Baden Agricultural Society 567
Buren Teachers of the District 567
Do Inhabitants 568
Couvet Grutli Union. (See Travers.)
Chaux-de-Fond Radical Electors 568
Do Inhabitants 569
Chaux-de-Fond Grutli Union. (See Travers.)
Chur Dr. Carl Hilton 569
Do Government of the Canton of Grisons. 569
Do do 570
Do do 570
Do Chancery of the Canton of Grisons 571
Carlsruhe Swiss Residents. (See Duchy of Baden.)
Courtelari Representatives from all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Diegten Singing and Musical Union 571
Delemont Representatives from all the District of Berne. See Tavannes.)
Einsiedeln Workingmen’s Union 571
Do do 571
Estavayer Democratic Circle 572
Franches Montagnes Inhabitants 572
Do Representatives from all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Fribourg Inhabitants 572
Do do 573
Frauenfeld Government of the Canton of Thurgau 574
Do Thurgau Mutual Aid Society 574
Fraubrunn Teachers of the District 574
Fleurier Grutli Union. (See Travers.)
Geneva Grutli Union 575
Do Government of the Canton 575
Do do 575
Do do 576
Do Inhabitants 576
Do Polish Mutual Aid Society 578
Gruyere Inhabitants 578
Glarus Municipal Council 579
Do Swiss Work Unions 579
Herzogenbuschsee Singing Society 579
Lucerne Government of the Canton 580
Do John Kilchman 581
Do Kasimer Pfyffer 581
Liesthal Government of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. 582
Lauffen Representatives from all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Lugano Government of the Canton of Ticino 582
Lausanne Government of the Canton of Vaud 582
Lausanne Government of the Canton of Vaud 583
Do do 583
Do do 583
Langnau Singing Society 584
Langenthal Inhabitants 584
Lengnau Israelite Citizens 585
Locle Inhabitants 585
Do Swiss Society 585
Do German Harmony Society 586
Do Swiss Gymnasts 586
Munsingen Official Song Union 587
Menzingen Sternenleistes Society 587
Meiringen District Synod of Oberhasli 588
Murten Singing Society, Friends Aid Society, City Schools, Under Officers Union, Grutli Union, and Mutual Aid Society. 588
Montier Representatives from all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Neuveville Mutual Aid Society 589
Do Representatives from all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Nidau Teachers of the District 589
Niederurnen Workingmen’s Union 589
Neuenburg Grutli Union. (See Travers.)
Neufchatel Government of the Canton 590
Do do 590
Do Inhabitants 591
Do German Industrial Union 591
New South Wales Swiss Residents. (See Great Britain.)
Oftringen Inhabitants 591
Do do 592
Philadelphia Consul of Switzerland. (See United States.)
Porrentrui Representatives of all the District of Berne. (See Tavannes.)
Roggweil Fire Company 592
Romont Grutli Union 592
Soleure Government of the Canton 593
St. Gall do 593
Do do 593
Do Chancery of the Canton 594
Do Inhabitants 594
Do Company of Free Hunters 594
St. Gall Polish Mutual Aid Society. (See Geneva.)
Schöftland Captain Gloor 594
Do Riflemen’s and Private Club 595
Schönenberg Grutli Union 595
Schwanden Factorymen’s Association 596
Steffisburg Men’s Choral Union 596
Sion Industrial Society 596
Do Government of the Canton of Valais 596
Do do 597
Do do 597
Sissach Meyer and Sutterlin 597
Schwyz Government of the Canton 598
St. Maurice Inhabitants 598
Sarnem Government of the Canton of Unterwalden Upper. 598
Do do 599
Stanz Government of the Canton of Unterwalden Lower. 599
Do do 599
Schaffhausen Government of the Canton 600
Do do 600
Teuffen Government of the Canton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes. 600
Tavannes Representatives from all the District of Berne 601
Thurgau Mutual Aid Society. (See Frauenfeld.)
Thun Inhabitants 601
Travers Grutli Union 601
Thierachern Fahrni Dubois 601
Wangen Singing Society. (See Herzogenbuschsee.)
Zurich Government of the Canton 602
Do do 602
Do Inhabitants 602
Do Polytechnic Scholars from the Canton of Ticino 603
Do Editor of the Weisse Adler 604
Do Polish Refugees 604
Do do 604
Zweisimmen Song Union 606
Zug Government of the Canton 606
Zofingen Municipal Council 607
Do Inhabitants 607
Government of Salvador Señor de Irisarri to Mr. Hunter 608
Do Señor de Irisarri to Mr. Seward 608
Do do 609
Government of Turkey His Highness Aali Pacha to Mr. Morris 610
Beirout American Residents 610
Bucharest Swiss Residents 611
Constantinople Mr. Morris to Mr. Seward 611
Do Mr. Morris to Mr. Hunter 612
Do Mr. Morris to Mr. Seward 613
Do Mr. Morris to Mr. Hunter 613
Do Germania of the Golden Horn Masonic Lodge 614
Do Italian Industrial Society 615
Do Minister of Persia 615
Do Hellenic Greeks 616
Do British Community 617
Do American Protestant Community. 618
Do American Residents 619
Smyrna British Residents 620
Do American Residents 621
Government of Tunis Mustapha to Mr. Seward 622
Do The Bey to President Johnson 622
Do The Bey to Mrs. Lincoln 623
Tunis Mr. Perry to Mr. Seward 624
Do Mr. Perry to Mr. Hunter 624
Do Italian Masonic Lodge 625
Government of the United States of Colombia. President Murillo to Mr. Burton 626
Do Señor Perez to Mr. Burton 626
Do Speech of President Murillo 626
Do Señor Salgar to Mr. Hunter 627
Bogota Mr. Burton to Mr. Seward 627
Do do 628
Do President of the State of Cundinamarca 629
Do Minister of Great Britain 629
Do Minister of France 630
Do Consul General of the Netherlands 630
Do Consul General of Venezuela 630
Do Consul General of Chili 631
Do Hon. Salvador Camacho Roldan 631
Do From El Tiempo. 636
Bogota From El Tiempo 637
Bananquilla President of the Municipality 637
Do Municipal Council 637
Corozal do 638
Carthagena President of the State of Bolivar 639
Do Convention of the State of Bolivar 639
Panama Governor of the State 640
Do Consul of Peru 640
Do Consul of Great Britain 641
Government of Uruguay Señor C. D. Castro to Mr. Parsons 642
Do Decree of the Government 642
Montevideo American Residents 643
Government of Venezuela Señor Rafael Seijas to Señor B. Bruzual 644
Do Señor Rafael Seijas to Mr. Culver 645
Do Señor B. Bruzual to Mr. Hunter 646
Do do 646
Caracas Mr. Culver to Mr. Seward 647
Do Mr. Culver to Mr. Hunter 647
Government of Würtemburg Mr. Bierwirth to Mr. Seward 648
Do Baron de Varnbuler to Mr. Bierwirth 648
Do Chamber of Deputies 648
Government of the United States. Senate 649
Do House of Representatives 649
Do Funeral Obsequies 649
Albany, N. Y Albany Zouave Cadets, Company A, 10th Regiment National Guards, State of New York. 651
Do Young Men’s Christian Association 652
Do Young Men’s Association 653
Boston, Mass Municipal Council 653
Do Hebrew Congregation, Ohabei Shalom 655
Do German Citizens 656
Baltimore, Md Jackson Literary Society 657
Do Aged Guard 658
Boone county, Mo Inhabitants 658
Cincinnati, Ohio St. George’s Benevolent Society 660
Columbus, Ohio Municipal Council 660
Chicago, Ill Municipal Council 661
Concord, N. H do 662
Erie, Penn Inhabitants 663
Huntsville, Ala do 664
Kalamazoo, Mich State Synod 665
Martinsburg, W. Va 1st Brigade 3d Division Department of West Virginia 666
Mattapoisett, Mass Inhabitants 667
Manchester, N. H Municipal Council 668
Madison, Wis St. George’s Society 669
Do Soldiers in Harvey General Hospital 670
New York, N. Y Italian Residents 670
Do Portuguese Residents 671
Do Spanish Residents 672
Do Chamber of Commerce 673
Do Young Men’s Christian Association 674
Do Vestry of Trinity Church 674
Do Trustees of Columbia College 675
Do Annual Conference of Methodist Ministers 677
Do Seventh Regiment National Guards State of New York 677
Do Historical Society 679
Do United States Life Insurance Company 680
Do Athenaeum Club 680
Do do 681
Do Ode, by Henry T. Tuckerman, delivered before the Athenaeum Club. 690
Do Mexican Club 691
Do do 692
Do French Residents 692
Do British Residents 693
Do Polish and Bohemian Citizens 693
New Orleans, La Inhabitants 694
Do Consul of Great Britain 695
Do Consul of Belgium 695
Orange, N. J Council No. 30 Union League of the State 696
Oyster Bay, N. Y Inhabitants 696
Philadelphia, Penn. Historical Society of the State 697
Do Ministers of the Baptist Church 699
Do National Union League of the 7th ward 700
Do National Union League of the 13th ward 701
Do National Union League of the 15th ward 702
Do Annual meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. 703
Philadelphia, Penn French Society of Beneficence 704
Do Consul of Switzerland 704
Pennsylvania 116th Regiment of Volunteers 705
Pella, Iowa Inhabitants 706
Providence, R. I Baptist State Convention 707
Salem, Mass Municipal Council 707
San Francisco, Cal Grand Council of the Union League 708
Savannah, Ga Inhabitants 709
Santa Fé, New Mexico Inhabitants, Colored 710
Wilmington, N. C Inhabitants 712
Washington, D. C Citizens of New York 714
Do Citizens of Connecticut 714
Do Lodge No. 6, I. O. O. F 716
Zanesville, Ohio Inhabitants 716