396.1 GE/5–254: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Briggs) to the United States Delegation


36. Sent niact Department 1102; repeated information Tokyo 647. For the Secretary from Dean. Re Embtel 1101, May l.1 We saw President Rhee early this morning in effort to prepare ground for substantive meeting tomorrow. Mentioned attitude some of our Allies toward necessity simultaneous elections under UN auspices in both North and South, and also interest of Geneva in press reports from here re alleged pressure on local opposition candidates. After much consideration, decided against spending real effort trying to get him to correct present alleged abuses in connection May 20 election on ground if successful we will have militated against his acceptance our Plan B which we intend outline in some detail tomorrow. He plans troop inspection away from Seoul today and believe this morning not propitious.

We also summarized developments fifth plenary (your telegram 23)2 and told Rhee of plan hold restricted meeting yesterday May 1 (your telegram 22)3 and that Pyun might be cabling him for instructions. He is very confident complete moral probity own party and complete sinfulness of opposition. Further believes only necessary for US and Korea to stand together. Constantly harps on fact colonialism is over in Asia and French and British are through, so why get excited over what they think. Will do level best to sell him Plan B tomorrow.

  1. The text of this message read as follows:

    “Re your 20 April 30. Have no question desirability and will arrange see Rhee soonest and do best obtain his approval plan ‘B’. He dislikes Sunday conferences so Monday probably earliest.” (396.1 GE/5–154)

  2. See telegram Secto 57, Apr. 30, p. 170.
  3. Not printed; concerning the restricted session, see telegram Secto 69, May 2, supra.