B. List of Papers Prepared for the Geneva Conference on Indochina

A Working Group on Indochina was set up to prepare position and background papers for the United States Delegation to the Geneva Conference. The Working Group was composed primarily of Department of State officials, although the Department of Defense was represented. Below are listed the final versions of the papers prepared for the Indochina phase of the Conference. In addition, papers and memoranda prepared for both the Korean and Indochinese phases of the Conference (the GKI series) are listed. Only one of these papers, GI D–7a, is printed in this volume. All of the papers, except GI D–3/1 which has not been located in the files of the Department of State, are in FE files, lot 60 D 330.

Primary Papers

  • GI D-1a, March 24, Additional Aid for Indochina—Short of Combat Operations
  • GI D–2, April 9, Terms of Reference for the U.S. Members of the Tripartite Working Group
  • GI D–3a, March 22, Probable French position at Geneva and the Recommended U.S. Position to It
  • GI D–3/1, (date undetermined) Probable French Position on Indochina at Geneva
  • GI D–4a, March 24, Probable Soviet and Chinese Communist Objectives and Tactics on Indochina at Geneva
  • GI D–5, March 18, U.S. Position on Possible Communist Proposals for Indochinese Settlement
  • GI D–7a, March 24, U.S. Position on Participation in the Indochina Phase of the Geneva Conference
  • GI D–8, March 22, Probable Position of the Associated States re Geneva
  • GI D–9, March 18, Probable U.K. Position on Indochina at Geneva
  • GI D–10a, March 24, U.S. Aid in Postwar Reconstruction of Indochina
  • GI D–11, May 3, A Program for Cambodia and Laos
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Background and Contingency Papers

  • GI D–30a, March 25, Summary of the U.S. Aid Program in Indochina
  • GI D–31, March 29, Intelligence Estimate including the following: (a) Maximum information on the level and character of Chinese Communist aid to Vietminh: (b) Possibility of a Vietminh Air Force, including evidence of training and unusual deployment of aircraft in South China; (c) Any other form of Chinese Communist assistance of Vietminh; (d)The effect on the Vietminh war effort of cessation of aid from Communist China.
  • GI D–32, April 1, Chronological History of Major Events in Indochina since 1940
  • GI D–33, April 7, History of U.S. Policy re Indochina since 1940
  • GI D–34, April 12, Implementation of the July 3 Declaration, including Status of Current Franco-Viet Nam Negotiations in Paris
  • GI D–36, May 3, The Problems of Implementing any Cease-Fire or Armistice in Indo-China Viewed in the Light of Our Experience in Korea

Papers and Memoranda for Korean and Indochina Phases

  • GKI D–2, April 16, Basis of U.S. Policy Toward China
  • GKI D–2/1, April 16, Formosa—A Non-Negotiable Subject
  • GKI D–2/2, April 16, Mistreatment of Foreign Nationals & Interests in Communist China
  • GKI D–2/3, April 16, Basis for U.S. Non-Recognition of Communist China and Opposition to Its Seating in the United Nations
  • GKI D–2/4, April 13, Communist China as a Threat to Peace and Security in the Far East
  • GKI D–2/5, April 16, Totalitarianism in Communist China
  • GKI D–2/6, April 16, Need for Trade Restrictions Against Communist China
  • GKI D–2/7, April 16, U.S. Mutual Security Arrangements in the Pacific
  • GKI D–2/8, April 19, U.S. Policy and Actions with Respect to Formosa
  • GKI D–2/9, April 19, Negotiating for Release of Americans Detained in Communist China
  • GKI D–3, March 24, Performance vs. Promise in Communist Bloc Diplomacy
  • GKI D–4, March 24, Probable Communist Position and Tactics at the Korean Political Conference at Geneva
  • GKI D–4/1, April 9, Probable Soviet and Chinese Communist Objectives and Tactics at Geneva with Special Reference to Indochina
  • GKI D–5, April 6, Exploitation of Communist Bloc Weakness at Geneva
  • GKI D–5/1, April 6, The Sino-Soviet Relation and Its Potential Sources of Differences
  • GKI D–6a, April 17, Possible Communist Proposal for a Far East Security Pact
  • GKI D–7, April 14, U.S. Propaganda Policy for the Geneva Conference
  • GKI D–8, April 17, American Citizens Detained in the USSR
  • GKI D–9, April 30, The “United Front” in Asian Communist Tactics
  • GKI D–10, May 4, Possible Interrelation of Communist Proposals in Korea and Indochina
  • GKI Memo 1, March 12. Memorandum on Preparations
  • GKI Memo 2, March 25, Administrative and Technical Arrangements
  • GKI Memo 2/1, March 30, Administrative and Technical Arrangements
  • GKI Memo 2/2, April 26, Exchange of Communications with Soviets on Arrangements for Geneva Conference
  • GKI Memo 2/3, May 6, Berlin Communiqué, Invitations to Our Side, Exchange of Notes and Aide-Mémoire with the Soviets
  • GKI Memo 3a, April 20, List of Papers Related to Both Phases
  • GKI Memo 4, April 14. Reference Documentation
  • GKI Memo 5, April 26, Invitations to Geneva Conference and Berlin Communiqué