B. List of Papers Prepared for the Geneva Conference on Korea

A Working Group on Korea was set up to prepare position and background papers for the United States Delegation to the Conference. The Working Group was composed mainly of Department of State officials, although the Department of Defense was represented. Below are listed the final versions of the papers prepared for the Conference. Only those five preceded by an asterisk are printed in this compilation; the remainder may be found in FE files, lot 60 D 330.

Primary Papers

GK D-1, March 15, 1954, Organization and Procedures

GK D–2, March 15, 1954, Conference Agenda

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*GK D–4b, March 27, 1954, Draft US Proposal for Reunification of Korea

*GK D–4/1e, April 24, 1954, Basic Position Paper on Korean Reunification

GK D–4/2a, April 5, 1954, Variant Methods of Constituting a Korean Reunification Supervisory Commission (KRSC)

GK D–4/4, March 29, 1954, UK, Australian, and New Zealand Views on Korean Reunification

GK D–4/5, April 21, 1954, Further Comments by the Canadian Government on the Problem of Korean Reunification

GK D–4/6, April 8, 1954, The US Views on the Reunification of Korea

*GK D–4/7, April 9, 1954, Draft Initial Proposal for Reunification of Korea (Alternative A)

GK D–4/8, April 12, 1954, Terms of Reference of the Korean Reunification Supervisory Commission

*GK D–4/9, April 14, 1954, General US Views on Korean Phase of Geneva Conference

*GK D–4/10, April 16, 1954, Draft Proposal for Reunification of Korea (Alternative B)

GK D–4/11, April 17, 1954, Outline of Argument in Support of Initial Unification Proposal

GK D–5a, March 25, 1954, Possible Proposals on Korea Short of Full, Free Unification

GK D–5/1, April 30, 1954, Possible Alternate Proposals on Korea Short of Full, Free Unification

GK D–6/e, April 9, 1954, Withdrawal of Foreign Forces from Korea

GK D–7/a, April 19, 1954, International Assurances on the Integrity and Security of a Reunified Korea

GK D–8a, March 26, 1954, Non-Repatriated Prisoners of War

GK D–9b, April 9, 1954, Changes in the Armistice Agreement

GK D-10a, April 12, 1954, The ROK Position at the Geneva Conference and US Tactics in Dealing With the ROK

GK D–11a, March 19, 1954, Probable Soviet and Chinese Communist Objectives and Tactics at Geneva With Special Reference to Korea

GK D–12, April 9, 1954, Probable Communist Position at Geneva on Withdrawal of Foreign Troops From Korea

GK D–13, April 26, 1954, Return of UNC Personnel Who Are Still in Communist Custody

Background Papers

GK D–30, April 9, 1954, Contributions of Combat Forces to the UN Command (December 1953)

GK D–30/1, April 19, 1954, Soviet Policy Towards Korea

GK D–31, April 22, 1954, North Korean Constitution

Concerning the background and position papers on Indochina and those dealing with both Korea and Indochina (GI and GKI series), [Page 6] see the list under the sources dealing with the Indochina phase, page 399.