396.1 GE/6–1754: Telegram

Young-Pyun Meeting, Geneva, June 16: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 464. Repeated information Seoul 133, Tokyo 146. Department pass Defense. Tokyo pass CINCUNC.

In conversation with Young Wednesday1 Pyun confirmed his answers to questions in press conference he called. ROK no longer felt [Page 391] obliged to abide by Korean armistice, collapse of Geneva talks means armistice “invalidated” and ROK now feels free to take any action it wants when time comes. He also said that either Chinese Communists in North Korea should leave of their own free will or be forced to go. He turned down UN taking up Korean question, as UN has “no competence” judge it. Other delegations are disturbed and feel such remarks in public contradict 16-nation declaration.
In recent conversations with USDel and in meetings of 16, Pyun has expressed strong view that as far as ROK concerned, armistice should not be perpetuated, Geneva Conference is last on Korea, matter should not be referred to or taken up in UN, and report to UN by 15 should contain no recommendations. Pyun in drafting committee on declaration also objected strongly to all suggestions insert phrase “by peaceful means” in connection UN objectives Korea.
Pyun’s remarks prompted in large part by his deep distress and consternation over Spaak’s and Eden’s acceptance Chou En-lai proposal closing hour final plenary. Pyun felt Spaak had “betrayed” 16 nation declaration. He explained his press remarks were no different those he had made in meetings of 16 and represented his firm convictions. Young pointed out his personal regret and disappointment such statements made public day after closing plenary characterized by good measure allied solidarity in declaration and successful efforts beat back clever Communist tactics obscure issues and prolong conference. Young pointed out Pyun’s public statements would be interpreted as running counter to General Smith’s statement in plenary on armistice which had successfully neutralized and turned back proposals of Molotov and Nam Il. Also pointed out to Pyun his statement was already being interpreted by press and other delegations as contradicting and undercutting declaration of 16. Pyun hoped answers to press would be helpful and not harmful.
  1. June 16.