396.1 GE/6–1154: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1


Tosec 407. Secto 424 repeated Seoul 121 Tokyo 126.2 Tokyo also pass CINCUNC. Secretary read Secto 424 and thought in general furnished satisfactory basis for discussions other delegations. He confirms you should have negotiating flexibility you request.

Department has following comments on draft declaration:

First paragraph delete “the 16” and substitute “as”, thus taking account fact South Africa also contributed forces.
Think numbered paragraph 1 needs strengthening and suggest rewrite as follows: “UN under its charter has duty take collective action repel aggression and restore peace and security. It likewise fully and rightfully empowered seek peaceful settlement.”
In paragraph beginning “We have earnestly” delete last sentence “We have failed” as possibly tending place onus on us.
Penultimate paragraph delete “however attractive it might be to state that some agreement in principle had been reached at this point” [Page 369] since it tends too strongly confirm Molotov line agreement in principle has been or can be reached. This will necessitate minor changes rest same paragraph.
Change beginning final paragraph to read “In circumstances we have been compelled reluctantly and regretfully to conclude that conference has failed reach agreement on Korea. So long as Communist delegations etc.”

  1. Repeated for information to Seoul as telegram 1010 and to Tokyo as telegram 2774.
  2. Dated June 11. p. 365.