396.1 GE/6–1254: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 431. Repeated information priority Seoul 124, priority Tokyo 130. Tokyo pass CINCUNC priority. Reference Secto 4181 and Secto 424.2 Following is draft of proposed letter to be addressed to Molotov and signed by Bidault, Eden and Smith. Would appreciate Department’s comments soonest:

“The Korean phase of the Geneva Conference has now been in session for more than seven weeks. No progress has been made toward a solution of the Korean problem, and it is now quite clear that your government, the PRC, and the PDROK are not disposed to agree to the unification of Korea on a basis consistent with the principles of the UN and the views of the Korean people and of the free peoples of the world.

The principal issues between us are clear. We accept and assert the authority of the UN. The delegations of the USSR, PRC and PDROK repudiate and reject the authority of the UN. We desire genuinely free elections. Those delegations fear and reject free elections.

In the circumstances, the sixteen governments participating in the Korean conference pursuant to our invitation, have concluded that further meetings will serve no useful purpose. They have therefore decided to adjourn further meetings. They remain ready to make further efforts to achieve the unification of Korea by peaceful means whenever the USSR, PRC and DPROK make clear their willingness to accept the principles which we consider fundamental.

A further statement of the reasons which compelled us to this step is set forth in a declaration which is being released to the public, a copy of which is attached.”3

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  3. For text of the draft declaration transmitted in telegram Secto 436. June 14. see p. 372.