Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 306

Memorandum by Richard V. Hennes to the Head of the United States Delegation (Smith)1

General Smith: The Secretary is recommending to the President that he give the following statement at his press conference.2 He will proceed with this unless you advise to the contrary:

“As evidence of our resolve to assist Cambodia and Laos to play their part, in full independence and sovereignty, in the peaceful community [Page 1491] of free nations, we are requesting the agrément of the Governments of Cambodia and Laos to our appointment of Chiefs of Diplomatic Mission, to be resident in Phnom Penh and Vientiane. We already have a Chief of Mission at Saigon, the capital of Viet-Nam, who will of course be maintained.”

It will be assumed in making this statement that the contacts have by that time been made and that the Foreign Ministers of Cambodia and Laos are agreeable.

  1. Smith’s handwritten initials appear on the source text.
  2. For the text of the President’s statement made at his press conference on July 21, see editorial note, p. 1503.