611.32/4–1251: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil

top secret

744. Pres Truman recd Fon Min Fontoura Apr 9, presenting him with personal ltr to Vargas.

Ltr reciprocates greetings and assures Vargas US interest well being, prosperity Braz; states appreciation Vargas’ views on importance Econ development for maintenance polit and social stability and states discussions with Braz Reps all aspects Econ problem as it concerns US–Braz relations currently being held here; re Vargas’ desire initiation immediate coop, ltr assures him Pres’s sincere hope Jt Comm. will prod concrete accomplishments he wishes and states belief Comm. will make positive constructive contribution Braz Econ development; re defense program, ltr expresses special pleasure for assurances given to Amb Johnson and says

“As you presumably already have been informed, Secy of State Acheson, acting on behalf of the Unified Command, in a recent talk with Your Excellency’s Min of FonAffs explained the great assistance which cld be rendered to the United Nations effort in Korea shld it prove possible for Brazil to send an Infantry Division to participate in the combined mil effort in that area. Many Amer troops have been engaged in bitter combat against the aggressors in Korea for the past nine months and are badly in need of rest, which can become possible only as adequate replacements are made available. May I take this occasion, therefore, to urge your consideration of this matter.”

Text of ltr air mailed.