611.32/3–2051: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

1206. FonMin Neves da Fontoura has given me confidentially copy ltr addressed to the Pres by Pres Vargas, original of which he will [Page 1196] deliver during IAM meeting. Amb Nabuco has copy which he will also give in advance to Dept on arrival Washington. Fol is translation made in Emb of copy given me by FonMin:

“Mr. President: I consider it augurs well that at the very beginning of my govt the mtg of the Mins of Fon Relations of the American Republics takes to Washington my Minister of Foreign Relations, in his first offical trip to a foreign country, who will thus be able to transmit my salutations and these brief words to Your Excellency viva voce.

At the outset, I want to tell you of the satisfaction I had in receiving Mr. Nelson Rockefeller as Your Excellency’s representative during my inauguration ceremonies; this satisfaction was so great because, besides his role as Special Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Rockefeller brought the credentials of his untiring effort to strengthen inter-American relations, he being, therefore, doubly welcome among us.

The Ambassador of Brazil in Washington, in turn, told me of the friendly feelings toward Brazil which Your Excellency nourishes, and how much Your Excellency has done to facilitate his mission. I want to thank you warmly for this constant good will, understanding and help, and I dare hope that your personal interest, and that of your government, in the prosperity and well-being of Brazil will not be abated, but on the contrary, will be intensified during my administration.

As Your Excellency knows, the serious problems of maintaining political and social stability within the molds of democracy are wholly connected, in any country, with its economic development; therefore our effort, intense and resolute as it might be, cannot forego the effective application of that international cooperation which finds such a noble expression in Point IV of the program of action outlined by Your Excellency, nor the action of organizations able to facilitate our development through judicious investment of capital. It is my strong desire that there may be initiated without further delay, on the plane of concrete accomplishments, a collaboration which can only be productive and good for the future of both our countries.

On the other hand, I have given assurances to Amb Herschel John-son that, within the limits of her possibilities, Brazil will not spare efforts or supplies which may contribute to the success of the defense program of the hemisphere.

As Your Excellency knows, it fell upon me to direct Brazilian policy during the last war when military forces of our two countries fought side by side on land, in the air and on the sea. I need add nothing to express my confidence in the future development of the relations between Brazil and the United States of America; and this confidence, far from being shaken, is fortified by the fact that certain problems of reciprocal interest are about to draw the studied attention of our govts, for I am sure that such problems will be examined on both sides in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and good will.

With high respect and best personal wishes, Most sincerely, Getulio Vargas.”