Political and economic relations of the United States and Guatemala, with special reference to the concern of the United States over Communist activity in Guatemala 1

1. Continued from Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. ii, pp. 865 ff.

[800] Policy Statement Prepared in the Department of State


[801] Paper Prepared for the Under Secretary’s Meeting

Under Secretary’s Meetings, Lot 53 D 2501

[802] Notes of the Undersecretary’s Meeting, Department of State, 10:15 a.m., June 15, 1951

Under Secretary’s Meetings, Lot 53 D 250

[804] Notes of the Under Secretary’s Meeting, Department of State, 9:30 a.m., October 3, 1951

Under Secretary’s Meetings, Lot 53 D 250

[807] The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Guatemala

814.00–TA/12–3151: Airgram

  1. Master file of records of meetings, documents, summaries, and agenda of the Under Secretary’s meetings for the years 1949–1952, as maintained by the Executive Secretariat of the Department of State.