320/1–452: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly ( Roosevelt ) to the Secretary of State

Delga 855. Re refugees. Following is joint draft resolution (Colombia, Denmark, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Uruguay) on problems of assistance to refugees submitted in Comite 3 document A/C 3/L 200. Communications: Sixth session Third Committee items 30 and 31 refugees and stateless persons and problems of assistance to refugees Colombia, Denmark, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Uruguay: Joint draft resolution.

The GA

  • Taking note of the communication of the International Refugee Organization on residual problems, (3) and the observations of the High Commissioner for Refugees contained in Part III (4) of his report on the problem of assistance submitted in accordance with Resolution 430 (V) of the GA;
  • Having noted the serious unsolved problems which in certain areas will face refugees who will not have been repatriated or resettled by the end of the operations of the IRO;
    • “1. Authorizes the High Commissioner, under paragraph 10 of his statute, to issue an appeal for funds for the purpose of enabling emergency aid to be given to the most needy groups among refugees within his mandate;
    • “2. Recommends all states directly affected by the refugee problem, as well as the appropriate specialized agencies of the UN and other intergovernmental agencies concerned, to pay special attention to this problem (when drawing up and executing programmes of economic reconstruction and development), and requests the High Commissioner to contribute to the promotion of activities in this field;
    • “3. Appeals to states interested in migration to take measures to ensure that refugees within the mandate of the High Commissioner benefit from projects to promote migration.”
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Note: (3) A/1948

(4) E/2036/add 2/E/2036/add 2/corr 1 (not French and Russian) E/2036/add 2/corr/2.