320/1–452: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly ( Roosevelt ) to the Secretary of State

Delga 854. Re refugees. Following is draft resolution submitted by Byelorussia on problems of assistance to refugees in Comite 3 document A/C 3/L201.

Sixth session Third Committee agenda items 30 and 31 refugees and stateless persons and problems of assistance to refugees Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic: Draft resolution refugees and stateless persons:


  • Notes the failure of the Governments of the US, the UK, France and other countries to implement its resolution 8 (I) of 12 February 1946 on encouraging and assisting the early return of the displaced persons to their countries of origin,
  • Condemns the policy which was pursued by the IRO and is being continued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and which is designed to substitute for repatriation the forced resettlement of displaced persons in other countries,
  • Condemns as incompatible with the principles of the United Nations Charter and with the accepted practice of international law, the attempts by certain member states, and primarily by the US by all possible means to recruit displaced persons for subversive and diversionary activities in the territory of the USSR and the peoples democracies, [Page 841]
    • “1. Recommends to the governments of the above-mentioned countries and to the governments of other countries in whose territories there are still refugees and displaced persons, that they should take steps to implement the above-mentioned resolution so as to complete the repatriation of the displaced persons and refugees to their countries of origin during 1952,
    • “2. Proposes to the governments of the states members of the United Nations in whose territories there are refugees and displaced persons to submit to the Secretariat of the United Nations full information regarding the refugees and displaced persons in their territories.”