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United States Delegation Working Paper


Elections to Security Council

  • Permanent Members
  •  China
  •  France
  •  USSR
  •  UK
  •  US
[Page 94]
  • Non Permanent Members
  •  Term Expires December 31, 1952
  •   Brazil
  •   Netherlands
  •   Turkey
  •  Term Expires December 31, 1951
Candidates U.S. Slate
Ecuador Chile, El Salvador1 Depends upon which candidate receives the support of the majority of the Latin American States
India Pakistan Pakistan
Yugoslavia Greece, Philippines Greece*
  1. In a revision of November 21, Doc. US/A/3382/Rev 1, El Salvador was deleted, leaving Chile. A footnote read: “Choice of Latin American caucus.”
  2. US disposed to support Greece as long as it is the candidate on which there is reasonable prospect of securing widest agreement in UN. [Footnote in the source text.]