320/11–1751: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State


Delga 237. Subject: SC elections. Greek del now counts 35 votes sure and 7 votes possible in support of Greek candidacy to succeed Yugo on SC (Gadel 160, Nov 15).1 Our own info at present tends to confirm accuracy this Greek report; we will, of course, take more precise reading as time of election approaches which shld be in about week or ten days. Hamilton story seems to be purely speculative. We have been telling other dels that (A) we strongly oppose Slav candidate; (B) we will support candidate that seems to have rallied greatest strength to defeat a Slav; and (C) Greece seems to be far in the lead.

For several days Romulo2 worked very hard on behalf of Philippine candidacy. In conversation with Ross3 yesterday he seemed, [Page 95] however, to have all but given up hope. Kyrou informed us today that Philippines wld withdraw in favor of Greece. Romulo refused to confirm or deny this but asked whether US wld support Philippines for election to Council next year. Romulo, who returns to Philippines tomorrow, feels it is necessary for him to give Quirino4 some satisfaction. If he has to tell Quirino that Philippines withdrew this year because it did not have US support he wld like to be able to add that he reed assurances of US support for next year. Ross gave him an evasive answer, saying we cld undertake for moment no such commitment but that we wld, of course, study matter very carefully. Romulo will expect to receive from us through his people here early next week some indication of our attitude. Any suggestions Dept may have wld be welcome.

  1. Not printed. The Department of State requested information concerning an article in the New York Times (Thomas Hamilton) which stated that there were indications that the United States might reconsider its earlier position in favor of Greece and support the Philippines (320/11–1551).
  2. Carlos P. Romulo, Chairman of the Delegation of the Philippines to the General Assembly (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Philippine Government).
  3. John C. Ross, Deputy United States Representative on the Security Council, was one of two Senior Advisers to the United States Delegation to the General Assembly.
  4. Elpidio Quirino, President of the Philippines Republic.