320/11–651: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Netherlands ( Chapin ) to the Secretary of State


449. I made informal representations along line Deptel 601, Nov 3 (rptd Paris Gadel 54) to SecGen Boon at FonOff this morn. While admitting force US arguments he expresed grave doubts whether they wld be sufficient secure reversal Cabinet decision that Neth del shld support Sov satellite for election SC. Decision he stated based on fol considerations:

(a) Irrespective whether or not commitments been made in matter precedent undoubtedly been estab in practice whereby non permanent seat is allocated to Commie state. Fact that Yugo not member of Sov bloc candidate wld further greatly increase East West tension development which Neth as country in geographic proximity to Russia most anxious to avoid. This connection Boon said he understood UK intends support Sov bloc candidate.

Boon expressed personal hope if US after canvass dels in UNGA found majority wld not back its position—and he considered this likely—US wld not persist in opposition. To do so he felt might really precipitate showdown which wld not only create bitterness among non Commie friends of US but also might be construed as lending force Sov charges US encirclement.

At conclusion conversation Boon said Neth del wld naturally wish exchange views on subject with USDel. He assured me if US eld obtain majority, instructions Neth del wld be changed since Dutch wld not want be associated with minority in such question. Also Neth position wld be altered in unlikely event the Commie Chi were admitted SC.

Sent Dept 449; rptd info Paris 71 (for UNDel).